We Did It!

Me, Jacob {age 10}, Bob, Jonah {age 8}

This morning the four of us ran and finished a 5k!  A couple of months ago we set this goal for ourselves and it feels great to accomplish that goal.  This race was sponsored by an adoption agency and a christian radio station to raise funds for foster care and adoption in our state.  We were happy to be able to assist such an important cause.

We are becoming the family of t-shirts.  As soon as we decided to do the curso online adobe illustrator, Bob had shirts made.  The front says “Adoption Built our Family” and on the back {I scratched out our last name} it has the name of each of our children and the country they were born in.  The back also has our favorite verse, John 15:16 as well as our blog address.

Every time I wanted to give up I kept thinking of my husband and boys who trained so hard for this.  They inspired me.  I was slow, but I kept running.  There certainly is no shortage of things to be praying for in our family right now and that helped keep my mind occupied.  I also kept thinking of all the children who aren’t in permanent loving homes right now, in our state and around the world.

Our parents were there to help keep track of the younger kids and cheer us on.  We appreciated the support.  I’m really proud of our family today!


  1. Theresa says

    That is so awesome!!! Good for you guys! I love those shirts!

    I love that you set the goal together and completed it together :-)

  2. Jessica says

    Amazing. You all had an experience that you will never forget. It is even more special because you did it for a greater good. Congratulations! You all must be so proud of yourselves!

  3. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Thank you, but I definitely didn’t feel like a teenager – that was tough, it was very hot and humid, but we made it.

  4. Tifflynene says

    You had me welling up with tears, Jen…the witness and light that you and your family bring to the world is just amazing. It truly is God’s love over the moon! Those t-shirts are awesome and you have so much to be proud of. Great, great work you have been called to do:)

  5. Rosarymom says

    Jen, that’s beautiful! You ran for a wonderful cause and it’s even more poignant that two of your sons ran with you! Love your t-shirt!

  6. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith says

    Love, love, love the t-shirts. I also love running, although most of mie has been on the elliptical machine. I would like to get bak into running races. Soon soon…

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