The Nina & Pinta: A Field Trip

Monday we kicked off our first day of school.  New to us this year, the big kids {Jacob, Jonah, and Sarah} are using Paths of Exploration.  The first unit in Paths of Exploration is on Christopher Columbus.

I joined the yahoo group for users of Paths of Exploration and one of the lovely ladies mentioned that they had taken a field trip to replicas of The Nina and Pinta.

Even though our winters stink, there is a benefit to living in a state that is surrounded by Great Lakes.  It just so happened that the ships were going to be in our area the very weekend before we were starting school!

So, we jumped at the chance to take the kids to see the ships.

First off, it’s amazing how tiny these ships are.  These men sailed thousands of miles in some terrible weather in these tiny little things.  No giant cruise ships back then.  I surely would have said no thanks to that endeavor!

When we went to visit Anna and Levi in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we rode the ferry from St. Vincent to Bequia Island.  At night.  In a terrible thunderstorm.  Well, at least we thought it was a terrible thunderstorm.  I’m okay to never ride on any kind of boat again.  I just can’t imagine sailing out into uncharted waters on such a small craft.  Glad somebody did though.

As we get further along in our Christopher Columbus study, the kids will have a great perspective on what life was like during the voyage.  Love it when book learning meets real life.

Linking up with the Field Trip Blog Hop today.


  1. Anna-Marie says

    Wow those boats do look small. I would have loved to have seen them. Thanks for sharing on the field trip Hop:)

  2. gardenia says

    Amazing field trip for your first day of school. where was the santa maria ? I had no idea they were so small. i read recently that Christopher was devoted to Our Lady — he rode in the santa maria ship — and that nightly, everyone on the boat was led by “Chris” in prayers to Our Lady! yes, so glad they took that trip to the new world!

  3. Renita says

    WOW!!! We were just there Tuesday morning! I just found your blog through the Field Trip Blog Hop. We’re members of HELP. How neat to find someone so close!


  4. Carmen says

    IT looks like a totally fantastic day for a field trip! Love all the boat pictures and the smiles on their little faces!

    Came through the FTrip Blog. :)

  5. Jennifer Miller says

    That would be an amazing field trip! Our first history sentence to memorize this year was about that. I didn’t realize those ships were so small.

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