Lenten Clutter

Lent starts today.  As I get older I appreciate this time of the year more and more.  Instead of looking at it as all about “giving up” stuff, it’s really more about refining myself and growing closer to the Lord.  Although I do still give up something, it seems to work better for me to add something extra in as well.  Not eating more chocolate, but adding in extra devotional time or something similar.

Last year I wrote a post for The Homeschool Village called Uncluttered for Lent.  In the post I talk about how in the past we have highlighted different areas in our house and focused on those areas for a particular weekend.  We’re going to do the same this year.

Here are the areas we have planned to tackle:

Week #1 – Hall Closet {also known as the catch-all for the upstairs}

Week #2 – Basement Storage Area – {need I say more?  That area has a life of its own}

Week #3 – Basement Coat Closet/Supply Closet

Week #4 – Kitchen {the junk drawer gone haywire}

Week #5 – Family Closet {by the way this is still working great for us, I highly recommend it!}

Week #6 – Garage {honestly my hubby will mostly tackle this one!}

It’s on the calendar and I look forward to a cleaner home in six weeks.  In case I get inspired to do even more cleaning, I created a Pinterest board called, Spring Cleaning.  Lots of tips, tricks and printables to make the task a bit more manageable.

Lent can also be a good time to begin new habits that last throughout the year, I actually find it very interesting to read home organization books.  Weird, I know.  I would rather read about it than actually do it too!

Smart Martha’s Guide for Busy Mom’s – I haven’t read this one yet, but I know that Patty @ Reasons for Chocolate found the book helpful.

The Clutter Diet

Large Family Logistics

Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family

Happy Cleaning and more importantly, a blessed Lent!


  1. Patty says

    One of the greatest silver linings I have experienced is moving to a house with no basement. All the “stuff” that I had stored in our 1800 square ft basement had to be dealt with (within three weeks time!) Decluttering wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be. Most of it was organized and things I didn’t think I could “live without.” I moved half of that “stuff” down here in Texas (partly because I didn’t have time to throw a good garage sale before the move), and then slowly decluttered it down here. In the mean time, we learned to be creative with our storage. Gained help by some of the books that are out there. It can be done, especially when you realize it is just “stuff”.

  2. Tiffany Leijten says

    I am always working at this but somehow my clutter keeps mating!? I guess we are a pro-life family so that’s expected:) hee hee. When it comes to clutter, I feel like the Little Blue Engine book. Nobody wants to help do the work! But we’ll still keep plugging a long to the simple life…”Someday”!? Have a very holy and blessed Lent!

  3. Jen4Ever4Always says

    I can’t really imagine life without a basement! I’m hoping we get rid of many piles of “stuff” over the coming weeks.

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