9 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Getting started with exercise seems to be much easier than sticking with exercise.  How many people start a new fitness regime in January, only to fizzle out by February?

My husband and I finally made exercise a habit and here are some ways that we have made exercise stick.

1.  Find a Workout Buddy – Find someone who is interested in getting healthy too.  Whether it’s your spouse, sibling, or neighbor, it’s always easier to stay motivated with another person.

2.  Fitness Media – Watch health related documentaries or read books related to health and fitness –  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a great movie on Netflix and certainly is motivating.

3.  Follow other Fitness Minded People –  I have found that following fitness people like Chalene Johnson on Facebook and Instagram is very motivating.  They will often mention tips, an inspiring quote, or recipe that keeps pushing me along.

4.  Pay Attention to How you Feel – Your body was designed to move.  On the days you don’t move it, you will have less energy and be more irritable.  Exercise is a great stress buster!

5.  Eat Healthy – It’s a bit of a circle, eat healthy and you’ll have more energy to exercise, exercise and you’ll make healthier eating choices.  Really.

6.  Buy Something New – treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, or new piece of workout clothing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.

7.  Change it Up – your body gets used to routine very quickly.  Keep mixing up the routines to keep it interesting for your brain and your body.

8.  Good Example – keep in mind that your perseverance sets an excellent example for your children.  Not only are you modeling good habits, your modeling a great attitude.

9.  Just Do It – your brain doesn’t have to “feel” like exercising for your body to reap the benefits!

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How do you stay motivated to exercise?


  1. Victoria Huizinga says

    I find it motivating to chart my progress. For instance say your a walker, take a stop watch with you and see if you can beat your best time at least once a week. If you are trying strength training see if you can pick up the next weight up for a few reps. I find this really motivating.

  2. Sheri says

    Tracking my progress, challenging/buddy-ing up with a like-minded friend/sister, and sharing my goals all help me. =)


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