10 Kid Items That Have Lasted in Our Home

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For years I have joked that our family should be product testers, if something lasts in our family it will last anywhere!

I really can’t believe I actually came up with 10 items that have lasted.  With six kids and three of them boys – it’s amazing.  Thankfully I don’t have to list all the things we have broken, like tv’s, computers, etc. my list would be days long.

1.  Gator – I realize this is a big ticket item, but this survived for 8 years in our house.  8 years of constant use in the summer, with multiple children.  We just sold it this spring, it was actually still in pretty good condition.

2.  Bean Bag Chairs – I purchased bean bag chairs several years ago and these things have lasted!  These are not the plastic bean bags that crack and are uncomfortable to sit in because your skin sticks to them.  A great investment for your family.

3.  Blocks – you can’t go wrong with a big set of blocks!

4.  Thomas the Tank Engine – Another toy that we have had since our oldest was little.  Thomas trains 

5.  Legos – aside from stepping on them in the dark, or sucking them up in the vacuum, this has been one of my favorite toys for my family.  Countless hours have been spent playing with Legos!

6.  Woody – Woody has been with us since our oldest turned two years old.  Toy Story was his favorite movie.  While Buzz seemed to be the most popular, he and I loved Woody.  We looked all over for Woody, drove around to multiple stores in multiple towns.  Well worth our search.  Woody has been well loved, been on vacation with us, dragged around on countless stroller excursions, we even took Woody with us on our adoption trip to the Caribbean!

7.  Doug & Melissa Puzzles – Great choices for all ages and stages.  Sturdy pieces that will last and last.

8.  Lands’ End Hat – I’m a big fan of Land’s End clothing, especially for kids.  Their clothing lasts and wears well.  This particular hat, which they don’t carry anymore, has been around for about 10 years.  It has been worn by somebody each winter.  Now that’s quality!

9.  Pencil Sharperner – I realize this isn’t a toy, but if you homeschool, and you homeschool boys, you know what a valuable tool this is!!  We went through several pencil sharpeners before we found this workhorse.  Worth its weight in gold I tell you!

10.  Kitchen Toys – Several years ago I did the whole kitchen theme for the girls.  We gave them cute aprons, a play kitchen, and all sorts of kitchen play food.  The play kitchen is long gone, but ALL of the kids still play with the aprons and food.  They play restaurant, store, ice cream parlor, they truly have had tons of imaginative play with these items.

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  1. Lori_KeepingItSimple says

    My boys would have loved that Gator! The other toys that have lasted around our house are hot wheel cars and hot wheel track. The track doesn’t seem especially sturdy to me, but it has lasted. For my girls- American girl dolls. I remember them being so expensive, yet they are in perfect condition for my daughters to pass to their daughters.

  2. Kimberlie Meyer says

    We have Legos, Thomas toys, and blocks too. The blocks were actually my husband’s when he was a boy!

  3. Patty says

    Ha ha! You’ve inspired me to stop and look around in my own home to see what has lasted (with Sam alone!) LOL

  4. katherinecollins2000 says

    Our Playskool blocks were mine from when I was a child. My 3 boys play with LEGOs that their uncle played with 30 years ago.

    We have 6 children as well, and I am amazed at the durability of some of their toys, the Brio and Thomas train stuff has been played with for 14 years now with only 1 breakage.

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