Our Homeschool Space 2013-2014

Our school room looks quite similar to how it looked last year.  Except that it won’t be our school room for much longer.  I posted last week that we are in the process of moving our family to Florida.  

Over the coming weeks our school room will begin to look more and more barren as our books get packed away.  I’m planning on a limited amount of schooling, I’ll share more of our plans on Wednesday, so I’m packing up a majority of our books.

As usual our school room is really just a holding spot for our curriculum.  We do a majority of our school work at our well-loved kitchen table, 

and a majority of our reading work on the couch.

So, until we reach our new home state,

life will be a little unsettled.

I plan to update this page in the coming months as we get established in our new space!  I know I will be using my Learning Room Pinterest board to give me some fresh ideas, and pinning some new ones too!

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  1. Anna-Marie says

    Good Luck with the move, we just moved from the UK back to the states in July. Our furniture just arrived last week. It has been chaotic so I can empathize with you:)

  2. Mary says

    I bet you will be homeschooling a lot outside in FL — lucky you!! Can’t wait to see what life looks like for you all in the coming months!

  3. Tiffany Leijten says

    Love your well-loved kitchen table…Hope you are taking it with you:) Moving can be stressful until you are settled so I’m giving you a spiritual bouquet of prayers! May you feel just a little bit of peace, just when you need it most:)

  4. CherryBlossomMJ2 says

    Hey Jen, Good luck with the move! I wanted to let you know that I update the button for the Memoria Press Blog Roll. It’s no longer dated and is a continuous button, so no future changes necessary. :) I just posted about our curriculum in just starting Kindergarten this year and so far things are headed in the right direction! http://creativemadnessmama.com/2012-2013-memoria-press-blog-roll/

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