Blogging Break

It’s crunch time for the move!  Except for a previously scheduled post on the 26th, things will be quiet here.

My main priority right now is to make sure all of us, and our stuff!, make it to Florida with the least amount of stress and chaos.

I will be back on October 7th with a new post.  Feel free to follow along with our journey on Instagram!


  1. Kari Burke says


    I can’t believe the move is almost upon you now! I pray it will go smoothly and that you will settle in to your new home quickly. And I look forward to officially and personally welcoming you to the Sunshine State!

    Good luck with everything and God Bless, Kari

  2. Tiffany Leijten says

    I am enjoying the follow on Instagram, Jen! Please know you are in our prayers…Hoping it’s as stress-free as possible:) So happy for all of you and may this new journey in life be abundantly blessed!

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