2014 Small Changes Challenge

I’m starting a new feature at Forever, For Always No Matter What for 2014.  Each month I’m going to present you with a new challenge or small change.

I really don’t like the word challenge as it sounds like one more thing to add to the to do list – no one needs that!  But rather a small activity to shake things up a bit.

Often we get stuck in a rut of life and just do things because that’s what we have always done.  Life is too short and too interesting to always do what we’ve always done.

This time of year most people make resolutions, only to forget about them or ditch them by the middle of January.  Most often because we try and change 20 things about ourselves or our family all at the same time.  That works for some people, but for most of us, slow and steady wins the race.  Gradually changing the way, for the better, that we go about doing things is usually the best way to make lasting change.

Small Changes Equal Big Success

These small changes will be simple.  I won’t make you commit to running a marathon, or never eating dessert again, or planning your meals for the next 4,375 days.  I only want to encourage you to not go through life on auto-pilot and perhaps pick up some new habits along the way.

All totally manageable, I promise.

Small Changes in January

The small change for January is to set a goal.  Not a resolution, but a goal.  Just for the month of January, not the entire year.

It doesn’t have to be a big goal, but just set something, write it down, and then go accomplish that goal.  Perhaps you would like to read a certain number of books this month, limit eating out to a certain number of times in the month.  Whatever it is, write it down, put it someplace visible, and then imagine how good it will feel to cross it off your list!

See, I told you this would be easy.

My goal? To start getting up early again.  Since our move in the fall I have fallen out of the habit of getting up between 5:00-5:30am – not good.  But I’m changing that this month.

Feel free to share your goal here in the comments, on Google+ or on Facebook.  I will be reminding and encouraging throughout the month using the hashtag #smallchanges on social media.


  1. Lynda Schultz says

    My goal is more devotion and/or devotional time with God, in His Word, and in prayer. Great “challenge”!

  2. Pam Barnhill says

    Love this Jen. Just the push I needed to finally make a resolution — I mean goal. :-) Mine is to not allow screen time for me or the kids before 3PM on school days. Things have gotten out of hand here.

  3. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Pam, I hear ya on the tv. I have a love/hate relationship with that beast. We didn’t have cable for many years, then we moved and got it installed. There is some great content, but it’s also tempting for a lot of mindless watching – for all of us! I think that’s a great goal.

  4. Patty says

    I’m going to really try hard not to fill up our calendar. Sometimes it can’t be helped, other times, it gets out of control with busyness! My other challenge is to grow in deeper devotion with Our Lady. These are it. Small. But I believe in baby steps :)

  5. Robin says

    My goal is to live more intentionally. I feel many days are wished away. Those moments when the kinds have wore down my last nerve. I need to learn to cherish EVERY moment.

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