Are You a Homeschool Snob?

Are You a Homeschool Snob?

I’ll admit it.

I AM a homeschool snob.

Not in the sense that I believe that homeschooling is the only way for everyone. No, I don’t believe that.

I guess I should say I’m more of a snob about the flexibility that homeschooling allows.

A few years ago, before we moved to Florida, we went to Legoland and Sea World between Christmas and New Year’s. Rookie mistake, yet I wasn’t a rookie! After we left Sea World I looked at my husband and said “what in the world were we thinking??

It’s not because I don’t want to associate with other schoolers, we have plenty of friends that make other educational choices. It’s purely out of convenience. Out of simplicity. Places are just less crowded! We have grown accustomed to having places like the park and the library to ourselves and even the grocery store during the week.

And then school breaks hit or summer break starts.

Just last week we took the kids to a sailing class. It was a great class but it was crowded. We will go back, but you can be sure that we will wait until September. I mean, why not? Who wants to deal with a crowd if we don’t have to?

Are You a Homeschool Snob

Are you a homeschool snob? What places or events do you avoid when school is out?


  1. Alison says

    That sounds like me :) My husband mentioned several “outing” ideas over dinner the other night, with which I responded, “Well, we won’t be hitting any of those until September. Wait until school gets back in…..too many people for me.”

  2. Phyllis says

    We plan our family’s vacation for the last week in August and the first week of September because everything is still open but the kids are back in school!

  3. Patty says

    LOL I had to laugh when I read this. I am SO a homeschool snob, especially when it comes to the use of our community pool. Our FAVORITE times to swim there is when the brick and mortar school kids are still in session. When they are out for summer, we only go swimming in the early morning (simply to beat the crowd)!

  4. Heather Woodie says

    All year round I wait until I know school buses have to head back to school to do our local science museum. But not early morning because that’s when the preschool crowd is there. In the summer I go in the mornings more because the science camp kids get free time to roam in the afternoons.

    I loathe camp kids. There. I said it.

  5. Dianna @ The Kennedy Adventures says

    We don’t do library storytimes during the summer — because they are packed wall-to-wall. Even the daycares come to storytime in a bus(!!!)

  6. Karen says

    Yes we are!!! Keilee doesn’t like going anywhere that people might mistake her for a public schooler. Just because she thought now it’s so cool to be able to homeschool. Love this!!!

  7. Kerry says

    We have zoo passes to our local zoo, and got used to small (or no) crowds when we would go during the week in the winter. On the first really nice weekday of spring, we piled into the car for a zoo trip – forgetting that it was Spring Break in the local school districts! We couldn’t get anywhere NEAR the zoo, the line of cars was so long. We got out of the traffic and headed for a peaceful day at a nature center. That’s when I realized I was a homeschool snob! I like having the zoo to ourselves… sigh… I can’t wait for next school year to start!

  8. Chandra says

    We just made the mistake of going to the pool after school got out. Wow! What a zoo! My daughter said, “Mom, let’s wait until those kids go back to school to come back here!”

  9. RealMom4Life says

    At first I was thinking….I am NOT a homeschool snob. But, guess what, I am! Funny, my 20 year old just took 4 of her siblings to the zoo today. The 13 year old came home today and said it was SO CROWDED!!! Yep, he’s used to my trips when brick and mortar school is in session :) During busy times I avoid: zoos!, any museum, libraries, etc. I even try to hit the parks in the morning (before 8:30) when we seem to be the only ones up (helps with my little ones not being climbed over by other kids!)

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