Showing Proof

Our daughter, who just joined our family in December from the Caribbean, is in need of extensive dental work.  Because she needs extensive work done we are wanting her to be under general anesthesia as opposed to concious sedation.  My husband took her today for her appointment.  As they were wrapping up the appointment the dentist mentioned […]

Adoption Books for Kids

Here are some of our kids favorite books about adoption:Love You Like Crazy Cakes  This is such a charming and cute book. Specifically about China but good for any country or situation.Seeds of Love  Excellent book if you are traveling to bring home a new sibling.  Talks specifically about the separation time while parents are away adopting […]

Our Adoption Story

Our Adoption story was written by a good friend, Heather Schultz, for The Catholic Times in November 2009.  Note: we brought Anna and Levi home in December 2009.         The Dunlaps are just like any other family. Yes, Bob and Jennifer Dunlap have adopted all of their children, but the couple insists they have only […]

Adoption Books

Here is a list of adoption books I have found helpful:Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It  By Dr Ray GuarendiReal Parents, Real Children by van Gulden & Bartels-RabbAdoption ParentingToddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft by Mary Hopkins BestRaising Adopted Children by Lois Ruskai MelinaAdopting the Hurt Child by Keck & KupeckyThe Connected Child by Karyn PurvisAttaching in Adoption by Deborah GraySimplicity Parenting by […]

The Hair!

I think the greatest challenge in parenting a black child, has been the hair.  The texture, style requirements, and general maintenance are just so different than what I am used to.  So since this summer I have been scouring the internet learning about hair care, products and styling tools.  This video has helped, as well as others […]