Raising Boys to be Men – With Practical Tips!

Raising Boys to be Men

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After I wrote my post last week about Homeschooling Boys :: Part II, I started thinking about boys in general in our society.  How many boys in the public school system are labeled with attention issues, behavior issues, put in low reading groups or pulled out for special services?

Certainly there is a small percentage of boys who truly do qualify for the labels, but how often are the labels placed on boys because they are simply acting like boys!!

Growing up to Manhood

It wasn’t that long ago in our society when boys spent the majority of their day with their fathers working a trade, working on a farm, or just generally spending their day actively working for their families.

Even when schools started to crop up across the country, most children, particularly boys were only in school during the winter, not when they were needed to help with the family crops.

Babied Boys

It’s a rather recent occurrence that boys have to spend a majority of the day, and a majority of the year, sitting in desks surrounded by female teachers.  Even homeschooling isn’t immune to that fact.  Who typically stays home and runs the family school? Mom.  Even with a very involved, hands on Dad, boys still spend a majority of time with Mom.

I won’t go into the feminization of our society and how it’s been detrimental to so many young men. Less young men are graduating from college, less young men feel confident to be the sole provider of a family, particularly a large family.

As moms we can often times be guilty of “babying” our sons.  I think we can help our boys be thoughtful, caring, nurturing, without being wimpy.

As homeschooling families, there are steps that can be taken to help insure that our sons grow up to be strong, confident men who aren’t afraid to be the leaders of their families.

When I posed my thoughts to one of my on-line Catholic Moms groups, many useful tips were shared.  Here are a few I wanted to pass along.

Practical Tips for Raising Boys to be Men:

1. Positive Male Roll Model – Hopefully your husband fits the bill in this area.  However, if not, encourage a strong relationship with a grandfather, uncle, or other trustworthy male.

2. Tae Kwon Do – A huge confidence builder as well as useful to protect oneself and others.

3. Boys Scouts – Aids in raising leaders, not dictators.  Offers boys the activities that most crave, being outside, survival skills and much more.

4. Babies – Encourage sons to take an active role in caring for younger siblings, cousins, friends.  It will foster their nurturing side as well as help them feel confident in caring for their own children when the time comes.

5.  Prayer – Encourage boys to lead prayers, such as the rosary, Divine Mercy, and meal time prayers – particularly if Dad isn’t home.  This also helps set the stage for leading spiritually in their own homes in the future.

6. Encourage “manly” activities
Mowing lawns
Carrying in groceries
Opening doors for others
Taking out trash
Changing lightbulbs
Painting walls/fences
Using power tools, hammer nails – with proper supervision  of course – Let them build things!

7. Read Boy Books
Farmer Boy
Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers {there is an entire series}
Where the Red Fern Grows

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