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For a couple of years Bob has been interested in purchasing a Vitamix blender.  I could never justify the cost for a blender!  But then we kept going through blender after blender.  Patty @ Reasons for Chocolate posted about how much they loved their Vitamix, so we started talking about it again.  Long story short we ended up purchasing a blender.  We went with a Blendtec, mostly because we saw a demonstration at Sam’s club and it was a little bit less than a Vitamix.  A Blendtec and Vitamix are pretty compatible, you can google “vitamix vs blendtec” and find out more than you ever wanted to know about blenders!

We frequently drank fruit smoothies, but once we purchased our Blendtec we have been experimenting with green smoothies and we are hooked.  I can’t believe the amount of greens and fruit that we have consumed in one short week.  Trust me, if you get the right ratio of fruit to greens, you can’t taste the greens at all.  My kids have been asking for seconds and even my most picky eater has reluctantly admitted that they are “not bad”.

Here are some resources that helped me get started, besides lots of chatting with Patty!

First, here is my disclaimer, we have no plans to become raw vegan foodist.  Nor are we new agers or animal right activists.  Besides our catholic faith, (no cafeteria catholics in this house thank you very much!) I tend to take what works for our family and discard the rest.  You can do the same.

I just feel strongly that I would rather feed my family the food that God has created, not something that has been created in a lab by someone wearing a white coat.  My children didn’t have the luxury of having the best prenatal care, nor the best nutrition shortly thereafter, so I feel even more committed to giving them the best nutrition now.  However, our diet is far from perfect.  We love our pizza on Sunday and it’s hard to beat a homemade Mac n Cheese, but we do what we can.

Green Smoothie Girl

Green Smoothie Queen

Green Smoothies Blog

So now as we are preparing our smoothies, I realize that I am throwing out lots of good stuff that I could use to start a compost pile.  Any suggestions for how to get one started while living in the suburbs?? (Did you know that George Washington started a compost pile at Mt. Vernon?)  Anyway, we don’t have much space and live close to neighbors, but surely there is a way I can be getting all these good “leftovers” into our garden.  Thoughts?

Happy Blending ❀

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