Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candle Making

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to our local living history museum.  This particular museum has homes of famous people like the Firestone family, Henry Ford, Noah Webster, and Robert Frost among many others from the 18th and 19th century.

We were able to try our hand at some old fashioned games.

We watched and later rode the diesel engine.

Levi wasn't too sure if he was actually supposed to enjoy the Merry Go Round.

Then the best part for Jonah, Sarah, and Anna, they were able to try their hand at candle making the old fashioned way.

They dipped, and dipped,

and dipped.

In between each dip, the wax on the string had to be cooled to the touch and dried off.

It took them about 30 minutes and finally the candles were complete.

Our last stop of the day was visiting with an early American Forest Ranger and his horse.

We have been to this museum many times, we never get tired off it and each time we learn something new.  As the children get older it's fun to listen to their questions evolve as their understanding of history expands.  It's definitely a fantastic way to bring history alive to our family.


Tifflynene said...

What a fantastic field trip, Jen! There are so many great, varied activities! Your kids are really at great ages to enjoy all of the hands-on fun. I love this field trip blog hop idea...I'm going to join in when I get a chance:)

reasonsforchocolate said...

Jen, that is a fantastic field trip, one that my kids would have loved to been on! We stopped at our state capitol on the way home from our recent trip and not everyone seemed impressed going in, but all were quite happy when they came out. They said they each learned something really neat about their state's history. Yeah for history lessons! Especially living history lessons!

Anna-Marie said...

I love these kinds of field trips. So have you tried the candles yet? I was wondering if they smoke more or less then the modern candles:) Thanks for linking up to the field trip hop and sharing your wonderful adventure

Laura O'Neill said...

Jen ~ I love to get out and learn through field trips with my kids. So glad to find this new field trip hop/meme through you, too.

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