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We started researching home education in 2004 or so when Jacob was about 3-years-old and Jonah was about 1-year-old.  Although we have an excellent catholic school in our area, for some reason the idea of home education was still appealing.  The catholic school offered a full day kindergarten and I just couldn't quite imagine my boys sitting still in a classroom at such at young age.  At first my husband was very skeptical about the idea of home education.  At the time we didn't really know any other families who were homeschooling.  We only had the stereotype of what we thought home education looked like.

We were glad to have plenty of time to make this decision, although before we knew it Jacob was ready for kindergarten.  We really felt like God was calling us to give this homeschool thing a try!  I ordered curriculum and in September 2006 we were on our way.  The method we use to do school has changed as we have gone along on our journey, but our core principles have remained.  Our desire to impart our faith, a strong academic background, the teaching of real life skills, and ample amounts of quality time together.

Home education has been such a blessing for our family.  For us it has truly been a way of life.  Most importantly, it is a way for us to be able to incorporate our faith in the fabric of our every day.

Why Homeschool? 5 Day Series on Getting Started on the Right Foot

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