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Our Fitness Journey

We started our fairly serious fitness journey in the spring of 2011.  While I have always been interested in healthy eating and nutrition, we love our green smoothies!, adding a more serious and frequent fitness regime was long overdue.  While my husband and I had vowed many times to get serious about exercise, the difference for us this time, was that we were on the same page at the same time.  Both committed to eating healthy and exercising.

We first discovered the Thrive90 program at Fit Marriage, it was a perfect fit for us.  The program encourages spouses to work out together, either by working out at the same time, or using the same program.  For three months we diligently followed the Thrive90 program.  In the summer of 2011 we ran a 5K race with our two oldest boys.  It was an incredible feeling to set and accomplish this goal as a family.

Not only do we feel better, but my husband has lost almost 30 pounds and no longer needs cholesterol medication.  He dropped his cholesterol by almost 70 points!  Although we had been working out for nearly a year, the weight and cholesterol benefits did not happen until we concentrated on really improving our diet.  Shakeology and BeachBody exercise programs together were pivotal in this dramatic change.

Easter 2012

Busy Mom's Fitness Journey

For me, as a busy homeschooling mom of six children, the key to sticking with exercise has been getting up early in the morning and exercising at home.  Going to a gym or to any kind of exercise class just isn't going to cut it for me right now.  I love the flexibility of working out when it fits my schedule.  Having a variety of Beachbody products makes it so simple to pop in a dvd and get to work.  I can have quiet time for morning prayer, exercise, and shower before most of my children are out of bed!  These programs have really been an answer to prayer for our whole family.

Fall 2012

Our Beachbody Fitness Programs

I finished up six weeks of Brazil Butt Lift and then we started ChaLEAN Extreme in mid-May and saw great results. We finished our first round of P90X in the fall and completed Les Mills Pump.  Right now we are currently on our second month of Insanity, yes Insanity!

We completed the BeachBody Ultimate Reset.  I blogged about our experience over at Fit Marriage, Reset Your Body and Your Marriage.

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If you're interested in trying a Shakeology sample feel free to send me a message, or you can place your Shakeology order here.  If you are interested in purchasing any BeachBody products, you can access my link here.  I'm happy to help you get started in picking the program that's right for you.  More importantly I'm available to offer support as you reach your weight loss and fitness goals for you and your family.

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Carrie said...

Is that Chalene Johnson? I have her TurboJam DVDs and book. Though with most exercise regimens, I usually quit and try something else. Terrible trait of my personality! Recently, I discovered T-Tapp and have reaped some pretty terrific health benefits. I'm praying one of these days my son will sleep through the night and not want to cuddle in my room so I can revert to AM workouts :)

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

It is Chalene Johnson! We are really love ChaLEAN Extreme. Glad you are having success with your program. Morning workouts are the best :) Thanks for your comment.

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