Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting Again

Happy Feast of The Baptism of our Lord!

Advent and Christmas were a much needed break in our regular routine.  Last Tuesday we got back into the swing of lessons and normal household routines.  Wow, it was a busy week returning to our daily schedule, but I think everyone was glad to get back into a routine.  We were able to get some organizing projects completed before Christmas and our school room got a good sprucing up before the New Year.  Now all of our Christmas decorations have been stored away and we are back in Ordinary Time, for a few weeks, at least until Lent starts.

Even though we kept up with the math lessons during our Advent break, last week was a bit rough.  I'm hoping last week was a warm up and they will miraculously remember everything that they had "forgotten" from the two week Christmas break.  

We have been enjoying some mild temperatures and sunshine, it made it to 50 degrees on Saturday!  We are getting outside, it won't last long, and we are sure to get some colder temps and snow before the month is over.

Now that Christmas is officially over, I have started thinking about how to celebrate Candlemas, as well as St. Valentine's Day, how do you celebrate in your home?  

Enjoy the week and Happy Monday!


April Huggler said...

We usually have a small family Valentine's party in addition to handing out Valentine's at church and to other friends and neighbors.

reasonsforchocolate said...

Where my family always enjoys the peace and reprieve from school work, it is always nice to find ourselves in routine again. I know you will have a successful second semester! We will be lying low for most of February, but I look forward to hearing how others celebrate these days. Our homeschool group talked about giving up their group parties this year and doing service projects instead. They sang at a nursing home at Christmas time and served punch and cookies. The may doing something similar with valentines. Peace to you and your family at this time of the year!

Tifflynene said...

Great job getting organized and back to work! It's always a little bit rough those first few days with us too. I was all set to take down Christmas today and my husband got called in for extra work ALL week! I really need his help so now it just may be Candlemas before everything is put away;) LOL We just got a special invitation to attend first profession of vows for some Carmelite Seminarians on Candlemas...I think I'm the most excited about that!! Have a blessed week:)

Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Here's hoping this week is of improvement for you--- the first few days back to work are always a bit rough in our house, too! For St. Valentine's day we gather with some fellow homeschool friends for an improvised party at the park. Fun and simple!

Mary said...

Hi Jen ~ hope your week is going well... we are fully back in the swing of things, too... lots of science and art this week, so it's been fun!

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