Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Post :: A Little Bit of Heaven Craft

I'm excited to have a couple of guest posts this week.  First up is Jennifer from  She's a Catholic, homeschooling mom of many who, unlike me, actually does lots of cute crafts with her children.  She created this one just for our family.  You know how much I love cute and easy crafts.  We will definitely be doing this one!  Enjoy.

When I first saw Jen's blog and the pictures of her beautiful family I immediately thought of heaven! They are a family made up of people from all parts of the world who are living and praising God together. Just like the sweet children in Jen's  family we are God's children. We are from every land across the world. But our different backgrounds don't matter to God! Just like the backgound of these kids doesn't matter to Jen and her husband.
God is our Father and we are His children! And after we have lived a good life of service for our Heavenly Father we will reach our perfect home in heaven were we will live as HIS children "Forever For Always, No Matter What!!"
I created this craft with Jen and her family in mind.

It can be an art project for one child to make on paper, or a group project for a bulletin board.

You will need:
For a Paper Project 

printable people(smaller)
cotton or fiber-fill
blue paper
glue stick

Files for people patterns:
(smaller people)
With face
Without face

For a Bulletin Board   

printable people (larger)
cotton or fiber-fill
blue background
and a group of kids!

Files for people patterns:
Dress (no face)
Dress (with face)
Pants (no face)
Pants (with face)

Color the printable people. If you are doing this in a group have each child draw him/her-self. Then cut them out. Staple the cotton to the paper or bulletin board. Staples work better than glue when working with cotton. Just be sure to fluff the cotton before and after you staple it. (Fiber-fill is easier to work with.)

Glue your people on to the paper so they look like they are walking on the clouds. OR Staple on the people if you are creating a bulletin board.
 Now add/write the saying.
"All who do God's will are His children!" 

My kids and I had a great time creating these and I hope you enjoy them, too!
God Bless,
~Jennifer @


Patty said...

I think the same about Jen's family as well! Beautiful craft project!!!

Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Lovely craft Jen and Jen :)

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Thank you, Patty! A "beautiful craft' for a beautiful family! God Bless.

Tifflynene said...

This was so beautiful and such a tribute to God's love, just like Jen's family and Jennifer's too. It brought a tear to my eye! Thank you for sharing:)

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Thanks Holly!
:-) Jennifer/Jen is a nice name, and lot of new moms about 30-40 years ago thought it was nice too!! ;-) My last name is not real original ether! Lawrence.....I'm forever getting phone calls and mix-ups with other ladies of the same name! Oh and I played in a few movies too!! LOL! ;-)

Gardenia said...

this is wonderful! I love it, and we will have t try it here~!~~fewer people on our cloud, but just as heavenly~~!!

Laurie said...

Such a cute craft! I love it. I just found crafolic a few days ago through pinterest. Such a cool place! I love crafts, but I have to say that my boys are not always on that side of things. I am fortunate to have a few young crafters in my life who let me experiment on them.

Robin said...

Awww. I love the sweet craft you created. Jen is a very special person and has such a beautiful family. They are truly blessed to have one another.

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Thank you! It's so nice to see that there are people who feel the way I do! One of the reasons I love blogging! God Bless.

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Your family may be smaller, but still just as beautiful!! Maybe for fun you could add Grandma and Grandpa! ;-)

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Don't you love Pinterest!?! I wish I had a more free time to spend there!! I'm blessed with 6 crafty girls,although only one of my boys likes crafts! But they are a very creative kids! I'm thankful for that. Otherwise, this crafty lady would go nuts! I need to be creative or life just seems dull! So you sound like me!

Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Thanks Robin! And I agree! Jen and her family are very blessed!!

Noreen said...

Hi Jen, that craft is so cute! I love the way the children look in the clouds. I'm a big fan of Jennifer's Crafolic blog myself! She's a very crafty mama!

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