Reaching a Goal

When Jacob wrote down  his goals at the end of 2011, one of his goals was to test for and obtain his 2nd degree black belt.  Last night he achieved his goal.
He had to give a brief biography, he did really well speaking in front of the crowd.  His toastmaster class that he’s taking at co-op is paying off!
Look at that face!
{he broke through two slabs of cement}

Jacob, with his TKD Master, and his best buddy.
With or without the black belt, we are so proud of his hard work and dedication to pursuing his goals!
*Excuse the poor quality of my photos, I forgot my camera and took all the photos with my iPhone!


  1. tereza crump says

    Congratulations! How old is he?

    My kids are taking TWD too. In less than a year they have achieved orange belt level. I noticed more focus, concentration and self control in them as they grow in their skills.


  2. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Thanks Tereza! He is 11, he received his first black belt at 9. He started TKD when he was 5. He loves it!

  3. Lori_KeepingItSimple says

    That is one happy young man! Great job!! We have had great experiences with toastmasters as well- such an awesome program.

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