Weekly Photo Collage :: A Birthday & SQUILT – 4/12/2013

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Last Saturday we celebrated Jacob’s 12th birthday with friends at Laser Tag. His theme was baseball and we had a great time putting it all together.  His last friend party was when he turned six, so he really enjoyed this!
He likes lots of different teams so we ordered different cups, plates, gift bags etc.  In his gift bags we put MLB pencils, baseball cards, and sunflower seeds – just like all the ball players eat :)


Monday I shared my review of Heritage History – it’s making the study of history so easy for us.

We are still plugging along with reading for the younger three kids.  All About Reading was moving a tad fast for my crew, so we took a bit of a break and have been reviewing letter sounds and words.  I like that it’s such a flexible program, we can go as fast or a slow as we need too. 

We have been adding in BOB Books – which all my kids have used, and 1 to 2 times per week I supplement with Leap Frog DVD’s.

My goal was to have them all reading by the end of the year.  Not quite going to reach my goal, but they sure have made big progress this year.

We have experienced rainy, cold weather this week.  On Wednesday afternoon we took a bit of time and did a SQUILT lesson from Mary @ Homegrown Learners.  

I was thrilled with how much my kids enjoyed listening and discussing the music.  I have been kicking myself over why I haven’t taken the time for this sooner!

I want them to have an appreciation for all different kinds of music, but if they never listen to different kinds of music that’s probably not going to happen is it?
Around the House:

We are tackling some home improvement projects around the house.  We started with the school room, so it has looked a bit like this all week.  

It was a good opportunity to weed through more and continue to pare down.  More items out of the house!
Healthy Living:

Finally, we started Insanity last week.  A fun challenge for sure.  I have been sore everywhere – a good sore, it’s a workout!

On Wednesday I blogged about 5 Easy Ways to Start Exercise and have a printable to help you keep track of your exercise too.

If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to fill out my short survey.  I would appreciate your feedback!  Plus, enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Thanks for taking the time to read about our week, be sure to read what others are up to at HomegrownLearners!

Homegrown Learners

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