Weekly Photo Collage :: 11/9/2012

To say that this week was one big distraction is an understatement!  Tuesday and Wednesday were consumed with voting related things.  I woke up feeling a bit discouraged on Wednesday morning because of the election results.  By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling a bit more optimistic again. It is what it is and we just have to roll with it for the next four years.  As a friend reminded me this is the Year of Faith!

Thursday morning Jonah said “we haven’t really done much school this week”  I said “I know, I’m sorry” and he replied “no, really Mom.  It’s totally fine.” Ha!

Jonah and Levi finished up fall soccer.  They both had a great season.  The last game of the season is played “under the lights”, complete with face painting and other fun stuff for the kids.
Jacob and I went computer shopping.  I was in need of a new computer and he is the Apple guy in our house.  We started with lunch and he wanted to go to every store in the mall, until we hit about the third store and then he said “this looks like a nice store, are you going to try anything on?, how many more stores did you want to go to?”  He was a trooper!  I was glad to be done too, and it made me thankful for the internet and on-line shopping.

This week we are finishing up with the Romans and starting on the Greeks for our classical history.  I need a pronunciation guide!  

The boys spent some time working on duct tape wallets. 
Wednesday afternoon Leah had an evaluation for a new therapy we start on the 19th of November.  I will share more about that as we go through it.  It looks promising.

Poetry:  A few weeks ago I started introducing some short poetry selections with the younger kids.  They have enjoyed memorizing the poems and reciting them each morning.  So far they have 4 poems memorized and are working on Psalm 100 for our “Thankful Month”.

Jonah and Sarah are working on memorizing “Hayloft” a poem related to the reading of Farmer Boy, and Jacob has started working on a poem called Geography.

What we are Reading:  Johnny Tremain is our family read aloud, and this week for our Five in a Row book, I chose Paul Revere’s Ride.  The two books fit nicely together.  I’ll share more about Paul Revere’s Ride next week.

Jonah and Sarah started Charlotte’s Web and Jacob is still working through Anne of Green Gables.

Adopted for Life was available on Kindle for $3.99 during the week.  I haven’t started it yet, but it has been on my wish list for a while.

In case you missed the adoption posts on Monday and Wednesday here they are:

Domestic vs. International Adoption – three other adoptive moms have joined in to share their experience.

Healthy Eating and Your {Adopted} Child – I enjoy reading and writing about nutrition.

Have a great weekend!

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