Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

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In our school room post from the end of summer, we were just getting moved into our new house. We had unpacked boxes all around and other stuff everywhere. Not very conducive to getting much work done. So we stumbled along for just a bit until we could restore some order.

For the last couple of months we have finally had a more organized homeschool learning space. Although it never stops feeling like a work in progress.

When we moved to Florida there was a couple in our neighborhood that was ironically moving to Michigan. They were getting rid of a few things and offered them to us. I needed a new desk so we said yes. The desk wasn’t something I would have picked out at the store, but since the price was right (FREE!) I took it. I’m happy with the way it looks in our school room.

It has a big work surface and drawers for storage. And you know I straightened up my desk before I took a picture!

Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

I think a downside of homeschooling is finding a home for all the books, papers, workbooks, and everything else that comes with learning at home. As much as learning at home is a way of life for us, it’s nice to contain the clutter and not have it spilling out all over the place. In a big family this is especially challenging.

We have bookshelves, but I also use other spots like the hutch below to store items.

Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

We have a space in our learning space/dinning room which I use for extra school storage instead of it’s intended purpose.  I still haven’t found a clever idea for the wine rack. I hate to have the wasted space!

Homeschool Learning Spaces

This is the space where I keep the younger kids school work. Up above is my Homeschool Command Center.

Homeschool Learning Spaces

I’m big on using baskets to contain books and other like items. I have a basket for our Five in a Row books and a basket for our Paths of Progress books.

Also, the easel is a new addition to our school room this year. The kids can practice writing on it, I can leave notes for the kids or different quotes we like, or our schedule for the day.

Homeschool Learning Spaces

Learning really happens all over the house, not just these designated spots. The kitchen counter, the kitchen table, the couch, the floor, even the backyard and the swimming pool!

Do you have a designated spot for your homeschooling items?

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