Our School Room 2011/2012

The shelf above our beloved old school chalkboard is a new addition this year.  I commissioned my Dad to build and add the shelf, then I purchased the old-fashioned candy containers.  I’d like to say this was my original idea, but I found it while doing some internet surfing and pinned it on my Pinterest board!
Workboxes for older boys

These are the workbox set-up that I use for the older boys.  These have held up very well to lots of heavy duty use.

Old TV Armoire used for storage
I use this for storage for most of our curriculum.  I like that I can close the doors and don’t always have to look at all the stuff inside.
Magazine Holders

 I use magazine holders, one per child, to hold the items that are not in their workboxes.  I also use it to keep items that I think they will use, but aren’t quite ready for.  I use the larger basket for teachers manuals.

I use another magazine holder to hold our current volume of Five in a Row that we are doing this year.  I have a basket filled with some of our religious ed items that we use as a group in the morning.

Library Books

Gutter-shelves.  I love these things!  They have been a great addition to our school room this year.  The shelves are used to keep our library books separate from the books we own, and helps remind us to take them back.

Workboxes for the rest of the children

It’s always hard to get a good photo from this angle in the room.  The lighting won’t cooperate.  This is the area that houses the other four children’s workboxes.  Mostly for the younger two it holds art supplies that they can get to whenever they like.

More magazine holders
I use more magazine holders to store our past Five in a Row volumes. 

Paths of Exploration shelf

This shelf holds all of our books that we are using with Paths of Exploration, as well as a notebook for each child.  Makes life so much easier to have everything in one place.

That’s our learning space!

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  1. Live, Love, Educate says

    I love your additions. The shelf above the chalkboard is a cute and practical way to dress it up. I also like the Armoire for storage. It give the room a cozy appeal.

  2. gardenia says

    The gutter shelves are so cool — I’ve been meaning to check those out. Also the magazine racks — what a great idea to repurpose them to hold the children’s work books, and keep things organized. I love all the windows in the room. so wonderful. thanks for sharing.

  3. Lena Flores says

    lovely school room packed with learning opportunities.

    the chalk board and shelving is darling.

    i’ve been wanting to add rain gutter bookshelves. how was the install?

    prayers and blessings for your new school year.

    Pax Christi – Lena

  4. mnewell0293 says

    Jen, LOVE LOVE LOVE that new addition – chalkboard! Also that cabinet! Great room!


  5. Jenny says

    It looks great! I love the old candy jars and the gutter shelves! I’ve got to get some gutter shelves up over here.

  6. Jessy Gaffen says

    I love the idea of your gutter shelves, Jen, but I don’t know where I would put any. I guess I’m going to have to be creative! It would be great to have our library books out on display. Although we usually read everything, some week we “forget” with the books in a basket.

  7. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith says

    I LOVE the idea of gutter shelves. I wish I could do that, but our school room is our sunroom. Three walls are windows and the other wall is brick.

  8. Tifflynene says

    Good stuff here and so many great organizing tools and ideas, Jen! We did the gutter shelves last year for library books too…We also use them for theme studies and holidays so we can see and choose. They are some of my favorite things!

  9. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Lena, the installation was very, very easy! This might help:


  10. Mary says

    I love the peek in your schoolroom, Jen! The rain gutters are excellent – I have a friend that did those in their schoolroom, too. I love your candy jars, too! I want to come to YOUR school!

  11. Sheri says

    *love* that chalkboard! =) and that round table too!
    Fabulous wall w/ the book shelves and workboxes!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. RockinC says

    i HEART your schoolroom!
    The chalkboard is fabulous! I love your workboxes with the baskets on top!! The magazine holders for workbooks & curriculum is great!! And those rain gutter shelves are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Anonymous says

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