Creating Space

So, if you remember from my Wrapping up the Week post of last week, I moved my laptop from the kitchen.  I needed another little space to keep my computer as well as a few other things.  I wanted to create a little space for myself.  That seems to be our theme around here lately – creating more space!
The logical space, and really the only space, is in the school room.  So on Saturday I set to work on cleaning up some clutter – which is a never ending project – and moving a few things around.   We moved the round table out and brought in a couple of smaller desks.  

Then later I found an inexpensive little desk that I thought would work for the space.  After the little kids went to be I started putting the desk together.  I laid out all the pieces in an orderly fashion, had the two screwdrivers and hammer that I needed.  Read the directions on each page thoroughly.  And prayed that I would get the darn thing together properly!  I didn’t want to have to call Bob in the room and have him take apart all I had done.

So it looks pretty good right?  Functional at least for what I need.  That is until you look real close…

When I flipped it over to stand it up, I realized I put the top on wrong!  
I started laughing and Jonah heard me and walked into the room.  
Me: Jonah – look what I did!  I am just going to have to paint that part because if I take it all apart I will mess up the whole thing.
Jonah:  A little sanding, a little painting, and whala, you have yourself a table!
I love that boy!
This sort of thing happens in our house all the time.  
PBS isn’t going to be asking me to replace Norm Abram anytime soon, and Martha Stewart isn’t going to call to ask me for decorating advice either.
I guess it’s a reminder from God that things are just things, and the “stuff” is not important…or something like that :)

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