The Homeschool Mother’s Journal :: Birthdays ~ 3/30/2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life/homeschool this week…well, it was much less hectic than last week.  We made it through the week with no home repairs!  I’m slowly getting our kitchen reorganized and reordered.  I’m very much enjoying all of our new space.
In our homeschool this week…we finished up our Lewis & Clark unit this week.  Next week we start our final Paths of Exploration unit, Trails West.  I have talked about this program a lot, but I feel like the kids have learned so much this year.
My favorite thing this week was… we’re celebrating our oldest son’s birthday today, Jacob turns 11!  We finished up our school for the week so we could go to lunch on Friday and enjoy the day. 

Questions/thoughts I have… I have used workboxes for several years now.  As the kids are getting older, the boxes are becoming more of a dumping ground for junk than an organized way to hold their school work.  I’m thinking about finding a different way to store their books.  Actually I’d like to revamp our entire school room, but I’m fresh out of ideas.  
I’m reading…This week I finished up my 90 Day historical read through the Bible, I can check that goal off my list, and I’m still reading What’s Eating Your Child.
I’m cooking…  We had Quinoa & Ham Cups this week, they were very good and so easy to make.  The leftovers would make a great breakfast the following day.  We are in the midst of birthday time so we have been treat making too.  Next week I’ll share the cake we are making for Jacob, I hope it tastes as good as it looks!
I’m grateful for…Jacob’s birth family in Russia.  We’re praying for them and thinking of them today.  So thankful that we have the opportunity to parent him.


  1. Mama Ruby says

    Happy birthday, Jacob! I hope you enjoy your special lunch out.

    I know what you mean about wanting to revamp your school room. I feel like we need a change, too. I was just thinking about making an area of some sort downstairs here in the now, toyroom to avoid the stairs in the future months.

    The ham cups look yummy!

  2. Michelle Cannon says

    We are just starting out on our U.S. History studies, Lewis and Clarke will be soon enough!

    We tried workboxes once upon a time. It didn’t work so well with the Charlotte Mason method (or maybe it was just us?) At any rate, we gave up on it after a very short time. I guess it’s easier for methods that have a lot of independent work but we didn’t at that time.

    Dropping by from the HMJ.

  3. Jessy says

    Happy birthday, Jacob!

    What about turning the workbooks into WORK BINDERS? My younger kids (ages 10 and 7) use these and they don’t take as much space. I filled a 3 ring binder with dividers for each subject area. In each section I place 1-2 weeks worth of worksheets, project pages (that need cutting out), blank lined paper (if needed) and even some Helper Sheets (like a 100s chart or parts of sentences). The kids decorate a sheet of typing paper for the front of their workbinders (since I buy the ones with the clear sleeves in the front, spine and back). After the work is completed, it goes into the “completion box” and I go through the work, adding some pages to their portfolios and the others into a drawer for just in case, every 4-6 weeks.

  4. Laurie says

    Happy birthday to Jacob! What a smile!

    We are back to using our workboxes, but we also had a period of time where it became more storage. I have found that our needs are constantly changing. Sometimes I use them for “extras”. I have divided up one subject in to different boxes- a book might go in one, a lapbook component in another, a coloring page in yet another. Our school room and workboxes are a work in progress.

    Your kitchen improvements look great! And practical.

  5. Patty says

    What a great picture of Jacob! 11 years old? Yowzer! It goes too quickly doesn’t it? I hope he had a wonderful day. Glad your day went well, too :)

  6. Tifflynene says

    What a beautiful thing to pray for Jacob’s birth family! God bless Jacob on his 11th birthday and beyond:) Sounds like you are on an organizing quest…This inspires me! Have a blessed Holy Week ahead:)

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