Friday, September 30, 2011

WUTW - Jamestown and Salamanders 9/30/2011

What we are Reading ::  It's been a while since I have shared what we are all reading...

Bob and I have been on a Vince Flynn kick lately.  Bob has never been much of a reader (can you imagine?) but when we took our trip to Sanibel Island, he started reading a Vince Flynn book and has been hooked ever since.  Right now he is reading American Assassin and I'm reading Transfer of Power.

Jacob has been reading a Happy Hollisters mystery series.  We have read a couple of these books all together, but he enjoys them so much he wanted to read some others on his own.  He is a good reader but in the past has only really read when it was required of him.  When he was reading Happy Hollisters, there was more than one night when he climbed into bed and turned his reading light on!

Around the House ::  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures this week.

In the Kitchen ::  On Monday we celebrated Jacob's family day.  Jacob requested monkey bread for breakfast.  Which all the kids love, except for Levi.  Levi hasn't wanted to try monkey bread, which is odd, Levi likes to eat just about anything.  Come to find out Levi thought the bread was actually made from monkey's.  I don't blame him for not wanting to try it.  Note to Levi: no monkeys were harmed in the making of the bread!

Faith :: Lately I have found a couple of apps that have been helpful with prayer time.  The first one is called Prayer Life and the second is the Divine Mercy app.  The Prayer Life is 1.99 or so and the Divine Mercy is free.  Do check them out.

Learning ::  This week we have been reading through the Museum ABC book.  This is a favorite with the younger kids.  We have also been doing a refresher of the ABC's in sign language.

FIAR ::  This week our book was The Salamander Room.  We didn't do much else with the book besides read it each day.  We enjoyed the story and the illustrations are beautiful.  Early in the week the kids spent some time drawing what their salamander room might look like.

One of the recommended activities is to talk about reading books to learn information, and to discuss the other books in the FIAR series that talk about reading to learn.  It's fun to listen the the kids remember some of the other books that talk about books!  I know that they really do recall the books we are reading.

Paths of Exploration ::  We started our unit on Jamestown this week.  Each unit lasts for six weeks and we are looking into stopping in Williamsburg, VA on our way down to NC to visit my sister at Thanksgiving.  The other night I spent some time on Amazon finding a few more supplemental books for the kids to read along with our POE units.  I happened to have a Christopher Columbus easy reader book that Jonah worked through while we were doing our Columbus unit.  His reading hasn't entirely clicked yet, so this was good choice for him.

Have a great weekend!

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Jill said...

Sounds like a great week, love the Levi story! Mr. sensitive would never eat a monkey! Maybe we will meet you in Williamsburg? We have been learning a little about the lost colony here in NC. Oh, we need some soccer updates!

Jen4Ever4Always said...

That would be a great idea, I think Mom and Dad would like it too. I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow to get some soccer pics!

Mary said...

Sounds like a fun week. Monkey bread!! Yum! Jamestown - fun!!!

Robin said...

I have yet to make Monkey bread. I need to get on the ball.

Sounds like a good week filled with a nice mix. :)

Laurie said...

We loved Salamander room! That is one of our favorite FIAR books (although they are all favorites I guess;)). We have that Christopher Columbus book on our shelves from way back when- it is a good one. We also love the D'Aulaire CC book (I read it to the kids).

I am going to have to check out the Happy Hollisters- on Kindle! I think my boys would enjoy reading a book on my kindle.

And I am going to get the apps for sure- all help in that direction is welcome!

Great week.

reasonsforchocolate said...

I wonder if my Ester would like the Happy Hollisters books. It is so difficult to get her into reading. Her father never liked reading so it must come from him! :)

Poor Levi! My goodness. I bet once he tries it he will be begging for more! We love monkey bread.

Glad you had another productive week. The time is just flying, isn't it? We finished up our 1st quarter today. Praise the Lord! One week of vacation time now. (Sit and relax is on the agenda!)

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

You will be in my neck of the woods. Enjoy Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, the Historical Triangle!

Sharla K said...

I had to laugh about the monkey bread wonder Levi didn't want to eat it!!!

Jessy Gaffen said...

Oh, no! Poor Levi! Sometimes our little ones take things so literally! Did he try it after finding out there were no monkeys in it?

My oldest son is reading about Jamestown this week, but the younger ones are studying explorers. (We hope to get to Plymouth, MA this fall though!)

I can't wait until my youngest is reading easy readers like the Columbus one! I always find that once the kids have a handle on reading school is more interesting and easier! He's getting there!

Tiffany said...

Great week! Happy Family day to Jacob:) Cute story about the Monkey bread! The Magnificat App is my new favorite prayer app! Morning prayer, daily Mass readings, Meditations, all at your fingertips. Do you have that one? I believe it's free...You will love it:) I'm checking out Happy Hollister mysteries, thanks! Happy Feast of the Little Flower...showers of little blessings to you and your sweet family:)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great week! :-)

You will love Jamestown! We took the kiddos about 5 years ago (they probably don't even remember it now, lol!). The Jamestown settlement is a complete hands-on, authentic reenactment of what the original settlement looked like. The kids can try on the armor, sweep a floor, cook with a renenactor and "join" the militia to guard the area. We all learned so much and they had a lot of fun!

Hope you are having a good weekend!
God bless,

PrairieJenn said...

We just visited Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg this past May:) Our favorite was Jamestown though. Totally worth it, if you can work it into your trip!

Amy said...

We're starting our Jamestown unit this week- tomorrow! I cut the Columbus one down by one week. How are you figuring doing the Pilgrim unit BEYOND Thanksgiving...having a hard time reconciling the timing on that one. Anyways, enjoy your historical journey as well!

Jen4Ever4Always said...

That's a great point Amy! I was just looking at the calendar and I may shorten both Jamestown and the Pilgrims by just a bit. We normally take most of Dec off to focus on Advent. That way we can finish up Pilgrims before we take our break and be ready to start fresh in January.

Anonymous said...

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