Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking the Leap Homeschooling a Special Needs Child

Making the decision to homeschool is a big one, making the decision to homeschool a special needs child can be an even bigger decision.  I'm writing about this topic at Homeschool Village today.  Stop by and check out my post Taking the Leap: Homeschooling a Special Needs Child.


Lisa said...

An awesome article, Jen! T

Jen4Ever4Always said...

Thank you Lisa!

Kim C. said...

Your advice is sound as always...what a great article.

Laurie said...

Love your article. I know a homeschooling mom who was convinced to put her 2 special needs children in a more traditional setting (she was basically told that she was being neglectful to not). After years of frustrations, she brought her children home. As her children are doing very well now, she really feels that she was misled.

My oldest has some learning difficulties. I am so glad that he is at home- I know he would be beaten down by now in a more traditional setting. When he first met his speech therapist years ago, she said she had never met anyone his age with the as serious a problem as he had who was so completely outgoing- I guess many kids just give up. Now, at 13, he is sometimes self-conscious (his speech is fine, but he knows he is not "up to speed" with kids his own age), but I am hopeful that things are moving forward.

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