Weekly Photo Collage :: 12/7/2012 Poems & Latin

Recently the girls have been obsessed with watching High School Musical on Netflix.  I have gotten lots of hand me downs from my sister’s girls and had remembered seeing High School Musical pajamas somewhere in the piles.  When I came across the night shirt and gave them to Leah, she acted like she won a million dollars!  It was really cute.  She made her own jelly sandwich the other day and was pretty proud of herself.
Slowly the Christmas decorations are coming out.  I bought a new Santa this year, he’s in charge of the Advent and Christmas books.
For the first time I had help with Christmas cards.  Jacob was eager to help with stamping our return address and placing stamps on the cards, we got done in record time!

There is always a lot to do, so sometimes that means multi-tasking.  Here I’m doing my Advent reading on the treadmill. Now, I can’t run and read, but walking is usually okay.
Favorite Poems Old and New is one of my favorite resources. We are having fun learning a couple of new finger plays for the season, as well as a couple of new poems from the book.  This books seems to have a little bit of everything!

This week we started conjugating verbs in Latin.  So far I think the kids have a good grasp of how and what to do.  I broke out the colored chalk and the chalkboard – old school style!

Nutcracker Unit Study – we’re going to see the Nutcracker this weekend, so we will be referencing this study over the next couple of weeks.  Thanks Mary, for creating a fun resource!

I’m getting ready to head to BEECH Retreat next month {next month!}, and I ordered some business cards and a cute journal.  I’m definitely going to need that journal to jot down all the great things I’m going to learn over the weekend.

Happenings on the blog this week:

10 Day “Healthier You” Challenge – an easy and painless way to shed a few holiday pounds.

Road Trip Tips – We’re going to be on the road at the end of the month, so I was inspired to get some tips down on paper.
Finally, if you only have a moment to read one blog post this week, please make it this one!

Have a great weekend!

Homegrown Learners

Weekly Photo Collage :: 9/14/2012

It’s been a busy week, so I’m glad Friday has arrived.  We are enjoying these last days of really nice summer weather, and what a summer of great weather we have had.  We couldn’t let the week go by without reading our books about September 11th.  We also watched this video about operation Boat Lift […]

Horse Crazy Birthday!


Ever since Leah started Riding Therapy, she has been completely in love with horses.  Even her therapist says she has an uncanny interest and love of horses, more than most children she sees.  So it was only natural that this would become the theme for her Christmas and her sixth birthday which she celebrates today! […]

End of Summer Break


Leah took a spill off the slide on Saturday afternoon, which resulted in a broken arm.  It’s a greenstick fracture up by her shoulder so she needed a sling and not a cast.   As long as she has big baby and the iPad she is all set.

Riding Therapy


Leah started riding therapy a few weeks ago to help improve her speech (Apraxia) and some of her other “quirks”.   I have to say, this girl loves horses!   Funny, she can be fearful of many things – car wash anyone?  But get her around a horse, a rather large horse, and she couldn’t […]

Leah’s Turn

I am really excited to share that our daughter Leah’s story is featured on the Rainbow Kids website today! I have long been a big fan of Rainbow Kids, not just because two of our six {Sarah too!}, found us through the site, but because it always contains so much helpful, relevant information.  If you […]