WUTW – Columbus & St. Andrew Kim – 9/23/2011

Around the House ::  This week wraps up our first full six weeks of our learning year.  So far so good.  I’m really happy with our schedule and really happy with our curriculum choices.

In the Kitchen ::  We were busy with our theme/feast dinners this week.  See below.  The last couple of  Monday’s I have been posting our meal plan for the week on my facebook page.  Feel free to join in and share yours too.

Faith ::  On Tuesday we celebrated the feast day of St. Andrew Kim and Companions. We read his story in Saints for Young Readers for Every Day and then we read The Royal Bee.  Last year when we got to letter K, we did K is for Korea.  Here and here shows some of the other things we have done to celebrate Korea.   We had Korean Maple Chicken for dinner as well as apple crisp for dessert.

Learning :: 

We pulled out the Handwriting without Tears letters and got to work.

Still working on those numbers!  I have definitely gotten my money’s worth from the sandpaper numbers, what a great investment.  I had them count the dots, put the right number underneath, and then trace the number with their finger.

FIAR ::  This week we read Daniel’s Duck.  As our weather is slowly changing to fall, it was a good week for us to talk about the different seasons.  The kids created pictures of how a tree might look during each of the four seasons.  I forgot to snap a photo!

We had a slight variation on the country dinner and we made ham and cheese sandwiches with biscuits.  Everyone liked this meal, and it was an easy dinner to prepare.  I think I will add this to our meal plan rotation.

The pumpkin pie recipe came from the Five in a Row cookbook.  The pumpkin came from actual sugar pumpkins and not from the can.  Apparently there was a canned pumpkin shortage last year?  Our grocery store was all out of canned pumpkin and had been for several months, however it was very easy to use fresh pumpkins.

Paths of Exploration ::  This was our final week of our Columbus unit.  To celebrate we made a Jamaican dinner from Eat Your Way Around the World.  We made Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Red Beans and Rice, and Ting.

A blurry picture of our Ting drink.  Ting is a popular Jamaican soft drink.  This recipe is made with sprite and grapefruit juice.

I didn’t plan a dessert, but Bob went out and brought home a banana cream pie to stick with our theme.

We also worked on a Columbus Lapbook this week to wrap up our unit. 

The boys helped us collect data, but left the cutting and gluing to Sarah and me.
We enjoyed learning all about Columbus, and the kids are excited to start learning about Jamestown next week.
We had plans to enjoy the first day of fall at the zoo with friends, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  Instead we will spend a quiet day at home finishing up the week and prepping for next week.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lisa says

    We love lapbooking here! I am definitely going to try to find the link to this lapbook! Yours came out great! Thanks for sharing the link.

    God bless,

  2. Jessy Gaffen says

    Oh, love the Columbus Lapbook. Cati (9) is finished up Columbus this week in her History Pockets: Explorers of North America.

    Great recipes! We have “Foods Around the World”, but we’re holding off until next year when Jake (12) does Around the World in 180 Days (which we’re still waiting to get from the publisher).

  3. reasonsforchocolate says

    Oh my gosh, Jen! What a fabulous homeschool week you and the kids had!!! Way to go.

    I’ve been meaning to ask, did Leah get her hair cut? It looks shorter. Hope that bone is healing :)

  4. Tifflynene says

    You’ve had a lot of great things going on, Jen! I love your theme dinner to go with your Paths of Exploration and your celebration of the Korean martyrs too. What a blessing to have a local apple orchard…we would love that! I’ve looked up the closest u-pick is 2 hours away. We have no hints of Fall…yesterday was 102 degrees:( We don’t really get Fall until November. Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Mary says

    It looks like you had a great week, Jen! I’m going to go on FB and look at your menu plan, because I’m making mine right now!

  6. Laurie says

    We are enjoying “Eat Your Way Around the World” too. We finally got to make our Egg Drop Soup recipe. I love all the extra tidbits of information included as well. Great week you had!

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