Born From the Heart :: A Book Review


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A few weeks ago I was wandering through the bookstore and happened to see the book, Born From the Heart.  I picked it up because I liked the way the cover looked, the colors and the illustration immediately peeked my interest.  I had no idea I was picking up an adoption book.

I flipped through it briefly and had to close it because I was going to start crying right there in the bookstore!  No question this book was coming home with me.  

I couldn’t wait to read Born From the Heart to the kids.  I felt like the author put into words everything that my husband and I felt, especially waiting for our oldest to join our family.

Beautiful Adoption Story

It’s a sweet story about the longing to be a parent and the realization of that dream.  After Rose and Charlie go to the doctor to get the magic recipe to have a child, the next day the doctor confirms what they already know,

“This is amazing!” said the doctor. “I believe you are going to have a child.  I can see something gleaming in your heart!”

Everyday Rose’s heart grows bigger with the anticipation of their child.  Finally, they fly to meet their child and 

“She squeezed her baby as tightly as she could and kissed the beautiful face one hundred million times”

This is a beautiful book to read with your child, or to give to a friend in the adoption process.   

I loved this part of the author’s note:

“My wish as a mom is to empower my son to embrace his life in full and without fears, feeling loved, secure, and aware.” 

I can relate to that.

{I purchased this book on my own, and like to share a good thing with my readers!}

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