Our School Room 2012-2013

This summer my big project was revamping our school room a bit.  This is what our room looked like last year.  The biggest difference is that we got rid of the big and bulky armoire.  I also decided to stop using workboxes for the older children.  The workboxes didn’t seem to be serving the intended purpose anymore and just became a dumping ground for their stuff. 

I’m happy with the way our new shelves look.  A bit more streamlined than what we had before, although I think I might miss  being able to put items away behind closed doors and away from little hands.

I still have the chalk board with the candy jars up on top for supply storage.  The jars have worked out great.  I can see what’s in them easily and little fingers can’t reach!

I use gutter shelves for the Five in a Row books that we have coming up.  

I love to use magazine holders to help keep things more organized.  Here are our Five in a Row books that I’m not currently using as well as the Five in a Row cookbook and a folder that I use to keep some printables handy.

My spot for some of our history books, seasonal books, nature books, poetry and other extra resources.

We don’t technically do school in this room, we use the kitchen table and the couch, but I do like having a dedicated area to corral all of our materials.  It helps to keep us more organized and a wee bit more efficient.
Hope you have a great year!

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  1. Lena Flores says

    your school room looks very inviting. thanks for sharing and providing me motivation to finish up my school room clean-up. you have my prayers for a blessed school year.

  2. Tifflynene says

    It looks fabulous, Jen! Doesn’t it feel good to get things in right order? Your organization is an inspiration for sure! I’m a fan of open shelves because you can see what you have and it challenges you to keep things straight;) Chances are higher that I will use it if I SEE curso google ads! (I’m a “visual” so out of sight is out of mind in more ways than one:) I heart my raingutter shelves…Aren’t they great? Many blessings to you and your family as you hit the ground running this week.

  3. Eller says

    I am soo impressed! I have never been that organized or had an entire space dedicated to school…I can see how it can be SUCH an advantage. I admire all the time and work it took to get you there!!

  4. Jill says

    Looks great Jen! Very bright and open. Is there any way to put up a door to keep “she who shall remain nameless” out? You have a ton of storage space now!

  5. Laura says

    What a great room! So bright and pretty and ORGANIZED! I like the open shelving because it will allow you to see eveything you have. For me things behind closed doors are safe from the kids, but are also completely safe from me, ’cause I totally forget I have them! Hope your school year is blessed and full of learning and fun!

  6. Sam Kelley says

    It’s lovely! I love your colorful magazine holders, ours are white cardboard. :)


  7. Patty says

    Jen, your school room looks just great!!! Very warm, inviting, loving, truly a place that a child can learn about so many things. Blessings to you in the new school year! May you continue to grow and learn in love. BTW, I need to use the magazine holders to put their individual books in…the skinny, soft covered school books. Great ideas and thanks for sharing!

  8. CeAnne @ Sanctus Simplicitus says

    Its beautiful and organized! What a blessing you have been given :) Thank you very much for sharing! Its nice to get to ‘know everyone’ in the blog world! God bless!

  9. Laurie says

    Looks fantastic! It did last year too. I need to get over to that blog hop to take a look and drool over all the good ideas. I hope to join in too.

  10. Emily Ainsworth Keniston says

    Jen, what a gorgeous homeschool room! I;m sure you and your family will have a great year in (and out) of it!

  11. Holly@ThreeSidedWheel says

    Thanks for sharing all about your space! We are considering giving up a bedroom to use as a school room–lots of inspiration here!

  12. Kim says

    Beautiful!! Love all the white shelves and colorful organization! Great, great space. Thanks for sharing! Blessings for a great school year!

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