6 Ways to Regain Your Homeschool Focus

February and March can be brutal months for the homeschooling family.  Everyone has been cooped up far too long with nothing to look at but grey skies.  We are in the nitty gritty of homeschool life.  No matter how long, or how little we have been homeschooling, we can all use some encouragement doing this period.

Here are a few tips that have helped me regain my focus and get back into our homeschooling groove:

1.  Take a Break – It’s okay if it isn’t on the schedule, do it anyway.  Just take a day and do nothing, really, just do nothing.

2.  Plan a Week of Fun – Take a week off and do a couple of field trips, take an extended trip to the library, go out for lunch, make play dough  or do a messy craft {better you than me!}.  Nothing has to be expensive, just do something different.

3.  Change Things Up – Start a unit study, Amanda Bennett’s are fabulous, pick a topic your children are interested in and do some child led learning with the whole family.

4.  Visit – Get together with other homeschooling moms, with or without your kids, and chat.  Having a moment to talk with others who really understand what your days are like can do wonders.

5.  Plan Me Time – Indulge in doing something just for yourself.  Head to the bookstore {no homeschooling books!}, get a pedicure, window shop.  Just a few hours of down time can do so much to put things in perspective.

6.  Hunker Down – Just plain do it.  Keep in mind that spring is around the corner and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Stay motivated for a few more months, it’s almost time to put the books away and enjoy the not so lazy days of summer.

What are some ways you have regained your focus?


  1. TheresaNovak says

    This is great! We are so in those brutal months. I long for days of schooling on our deck in the sunshine…yet the weatherman predicts more snow today into tomorrow!

    These are great suggestions. I think I am going to make Math the only thing they need to get done this week and focus on Holy Week and preparing for Easter.

  2. Sharla Kostelyk says

    This is very timely. It’s getting to that time of year again when I need a bit of a second wind!

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