Weekly Photo Collage :: Lego & Swings – 4/5/2013

Hands down, Jonah’s favorite part of the week was doing the Lego printable packet from Mary @ Homegrown Learners.

It was a fun way for him to get some language arts in this week!  Thanks Mary :)

Around the House:  So, I think I have de-cluttered just about every space in the house, save for the family closet.  I’m waiting until it finally warms up to go through all the winter clothes.  Also, once I narrow down curriculum choices for next fall, I will be doing a big purge of our school room.

Ack!  I need to start thinking about curriculum for the fall.  Have you started curriculum shopping yet?

It feels good to have a lot less “stuff”.   I have a feeling I will end up doing some areas again, I’m already noticing that it takes me a tiny bit less time to keep our home picked up.  I’m all for that!

Healthy Living:  We shopped at Sam’s club earlier in the week and decided to try some brussels sprouts.  I roasted them in the oven, adding some craisins and pecans at the end.  They were pretty good and the kids actually ate them, well most of the kids anyway.

The temperature actually reached 50 degrees on Thursday so we headed to the park.  These three had a great time on the swings.

Then Jonah and I had a few moments to have some deep conversation and talk about things like who my favorite super hero was when I was a girl.  Not to reveal all my secrets, but it was Wonder Woman. 

Blog Happenings: 

On Monday I asked the question, Are We Behind? – what do you think?

On Wednesday I posted about snacks and sports, one of my big pet peeves.  I listed some Healthy, Easy Snacks for Team Sports.

I also had a review up at The Curriculum Choice called Math U See Works for Us and April is National Poetry Month

Be sure to stop by Mary’s and check out the other blogs linked up with her for Collage Friday

Homegrown Learners


  1. Phyllis at All Things Beautifu says

    We are looking forward to fun days in the park, too. The Brussels sprouts look so good! I love them.

  2. Homegrown Learners says

    I love the picture of Jonah using the LEGO printable — that makes me SO SO happy. Let me know if you have any suggestions or changes you would make – I’m looking for input! :-) Jen, every time I read about your organization you inspire me to just do MORE. Thank you. :-)

  3. Melissa Newell says

    Hi Jen! Yes the weather is getting nicer – HUZZAH for that! Love the Lego Learning, isn’t Mary creative with her packets! Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Jessy Gaffen says

    I just pinned that Lego download! LOL I’ve been decluttering since later February and finally finished up my FIRST ROUND through the house this week too. And now I’ll start over and be a little more selective. ;)

  5. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Mary, we thought the download was just perfect the way it is! Thanks for helping to make learning fun for our kids :)

  6. Patty says

    First of all…yeah for sunny, warmer weather!! Double yeah for decluttering!! I don’t know how home school moms who put together entire curriculum do it. Honestly! The job never ends, does it. I’ve been gearing Sarah for freshman year for the past two years now. Praying I’ve done things correctly and she is still on target. I had to step up her science this year. I found out last summer that the science I had planned on, in the state of Texas, is not considered a high school credit, but 8 th grade credit. So where it was okay for Seton, it was not for Texas (universities). I had to do some fast switching, but I think we are set.

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