Help for a Struggling Reader :: A Lexercise Review

It’s no surprise that I love to read.  I have always loved reading to my kids, and it’s an important part of our homeschooling day.  My oldest was a breeze to teach to read, he learned before starting Kindergarten.  I thought this homeschooling stuff was pretty easy!

Struggles with Learning to Read

Then it came time for my second oldest son to learn to read.  It didn’t go quite as smoothly as I hoped.  

However, I wasn’t too concerned.  He puts the Boy in BOY!  He is active and would much rather move than sit, he loves animals and he loves to be outside.  Plus, as active as he has always been, he loves books and his reading comprehension is incredible.  I wasn’t worried, I was pretty positive that it would all come together for him if he just had a little more time.

Soon his younger sister was reading, and reading very well.  In fact, she would read things to him.  His lack of reading fluency started to bother him just a bit.  Then he started cub scouts and he started noticing that most of the boys could read better than he could.  At that point we all thought it was time to get to the root of the issue, to see if there really was a problem.

Reading Help with Lexercise

That’s when Lexercise entered the picture.

When I first learned about the services that Lexericse offered, I had Jonah take the free on-line Dyslexia test.  He didn’t do so great.  We knew we needed to pursue this further.

I loved the concept of working with Lexercise.  It was music to this busy mom’s ears!  A thorough reading evaluation without even leaving our home.

The Lexercise Process

The evaluator, Morgan, and I set up a time to work with Jonah.  The evaluation took about 90 minutes via Skype. Morgan was very engaging and Jonah felt comfortable with her right away.  I felt that she got a very accurate picture of his abilities and his personality.  She stated on her evaluation that Jonah “was eager and cooperative.  He seemed at ease for most of the testing and even made jokes while working.”  That’s Jonah!

After the evaluation, Jonah was free to leave the room and she spent a few minutes chatting with me.  She seemed to have a very good grasp of what was going on with him right away.  She knew that vocabulary is not an issue with him and it wasn’t necessary to test him in that area.

The following week, Morgan and I met again via Skype to go over the results.  It was a relief to hear that Jonah did not have Dyslexia and that she felt this was an issue that he could overcome with some extra assistance.

Morgan spent about an hour going over the results of the previous weeks testing.  We had ample time to discuss her findings.  A few days later she e-mailed me a complete six page report and then followed up with a phone call.   

Although Morgan’s day job is a public school administrator, she is positive toward homeschooling.  That component was important to me in order to have a good working relationship.  

The plan is for Jonah and Morgan to meet once per week via Skype, and then for Jonah and I to work daily on our “homework”.  I’m looking forward to working with Lexercise and getting the extra help we need to make sure Jonah becomes a fluent and confident reader!

*I was given the review free of charge, however I was not required to give a positive review.  The thoughts are my honest opinion of Lexercise!


  1. Patty says

    Jen, how do you find these amazing products for our young learners?? You always find such great ways to assist them and then you share with all of us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Valerie Morea Marsico says

    My experience with Lexercise was mixed. I hired them to test my daughter whom I suspected might be dyslexic. The test was very difficult and frustrating for her and while the facilitator was kind and understanding the methods employed seemed odd for a child that is not yet reading. But my biggest beef was with the administrators of Lexercise. A day after we paid the fee (which is NOT inexpensive), we received an email offering a $50.00 discount to sign up for the testing. Naturally we assumed they would be decent and honor this since we hadn’t begun the testing, but they refused, making them look unkind, inflexible and very greedy in our eyes. Bad customer service – especially around the holidays when money is so tight!

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