How I Teach Fine Arts in a Large Family

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When I first started thinking about this post, my initial thought was, we don’t really do Fine Arts!

However, the more I looked around our school room and through our materials, the more I realized that we do indeed do Fine Arts.

Adding Art to our Homeschool Day

We don’t have a set schedule for when I work this into the day. The fact is we don’t do Fine Arts studies everyday, usually more like once per week. 

I keep a basket of art cards and books out all the time.  Sometimes it gets dumped out multiple times per week, other times it goes untouched for a long while.

What’s in the basket:

Mini Masters Boxed Set – we’ve had this box set forever and I highly recommend it!

Art Cards – we have the Kindergarten set, it’s beautiful

Mommy, It’s a Renoir! – we have had this set forever too. I have never used it in the “proper” way, but these art cards have been browsed for years.

I picked a few of the art pieces from the time period we are studying in history and clipped them to a wire and hung them in the window. It worked out one day during Advent we were learning about the Angelus prayer, and we looked at the print of “The Angelus” which was hanging in the window because it’s from the same period we are studying. Love those moments!

We also use the Chalk Pastels from Hodgepodge Mom.  Such a fun and easy way to add art to our week {or month!}.  I’m not a crafty mom and don’t particularly enjoy big, messy crafts, but this is an activity that we all have fun doing.  It’s not very messy and sometimes I even join in myself. 

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels

Adding Music to our Homeschool Day

We have also been using SQUILT to enhance our homeschool learning.  It’s easy to use, my kids enjoy the program and they learn about music without realizing it!

We have also been using materials from Zeezok. I will have a more in-depth review coming in a couple of months, but this is another great program we are enjoying.

That’s what works for us right now for Fine Arts!

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