Pearson Homeschool Math Review

Pearson Homeschool Math Review

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All of my opinions are honest – honest!}

If you gather any homeschool parents together, we will envariabaly start talking about curriculum.  Then it’s almost a given “what do you use for math?”

Math seems to often be the Achilles heel of parents everywhere. The truth is I’m one of those parents. I’ve never been a math fan. If I could figure out a way to just make it disappear, I would. However, that’s not going to happen! So the next best thing is to find a math program that’s engaging, easy to teach, and presents solid math skills.

Homeschool Math

I started using Pearson Homeschool Math with my youngest. I’m a bit unschoolish with my children when they are young, so this was our first foray into a more formal program with Levi, age 6 {almost 7!}.

Right away we were intrigued by the large size of the book as well as the cute cover. My son was very curious as soon as the book came out of the box! He’s not my most eager student so a workbook that is appealing to him is a big bonus.

Pearson Homeschool Math

The pages are bright and inviting, but not overwhelming and overstimulating.  Levi was ready to dive right in and get to work.

The 1st grade worktext is divided into 20 different topics.  Each topic has a varying degree of lessons, anywhere from 4 to about 10. At the end of each topic is a short topic test.  At the beginning of each new topic is a short review of some of the concepts from the previous topics.

Pearson Homeschool Math - enVision

Benefits of Pearson Homeschool Math

As a busy mom of a large family, I appreciated the open and go aspect of the program.  We could open up the book together and spend 15-20 minutes working on a lesson. With the included CD-ROM there were also extra materials if we desired. Extra practice and games to make a lesson stick.

The program is flexible yet thorough. I like the short lessons, so important for those wiggly little bodies. The program progresses at a nice, logical pace. Not too fast and not too slow. There is even an introduction of word problems at the end of most lessons.

The other aspect I appreciated was the inclusion of special needs students. So often us parents of special needs children are left to modify curriculum on our own.  I liked with a click of the mouse I had other tips and tricks that I could use if necessary. This alone makes me want to purchase the curriculum for our special needs daughter.

As I mentioned above the worktext is large and that just seemed to make it extra fun.  Levi enjoyed pulling out his book and ripping off the next assignment. It’s the little things!

When he finished a worksheet, we simply folded it in half and put it into a binder and he has a nice collection of his math work.

Pearson Homeschool Math

A quick recap of what worked for us:

*Short lessons

*Open and go lessons

*CD-ROM with extra helpers {great for special needs students!}

*Progressed at a nice pace

*We loved the large worktext format!

The Homeschool Bundle Includes:

- Student Worktext

- MindPoint Quiz Show CD-ROM (system requirements)

- Teacher Edition CD-ROM

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