Fortuigence Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Fortuigence Homeschool Writing Curriculum

*I received this course for free and was compensated for my time. These are my honest thoughts.

Writing is one aspect of our homeschool that is not a strong point. I chalk it up to the fact that my two oldest are boys. Neither of my boys, ages 13 and 11, enjoy writing. At all.

I also take a more relaxed approach to our schooling, particularly when our children are young. Now our oldest is in middle school and high school is looming. Now is the appropriate time for us to add a bit more structured writing into our schedule.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review a Fortuigence course I jumped at the chance. Specifically, Jacob completed the Fortuigence Rock Star Essay – Expository Essay. I was fairly confident it would be a good fit for us. I don’t particularly like to teach writing and I have a reluctant writer. Not exactly an invigorating mix. I also wanted my son to be able to experience a class on his own, without me hovering. I still guided him of course, and there were several times I wanted to bang my head on the table (his writing teacher probably wanted to as well!), but for the most part it was his gig.

An On-Line Writing Course

What exactly is a Fortuigence Essay Course? It’s a self-paced, on-line classroom that you can do anywhere, anytime.  Your child is led through the writing process, step-by-step with doable assignments. Not at all overwhelming even for those who haven’t had much writing experience. We appreciated the flexibility of going as fast or as slow as we wanted.

The Benefits of a Fortuigence Writing Class

Easy to get started

Course is easy to navigate, no tricky website to deal with

Perfect for a busy mom in a large family!

I Liked that my son’s work was being critiqued by another teacher. Whenever he did writing for me and I would turn it back to him to make corrections, he would suggest that I was “being mean”. Writing can be a bit subjective, so it was easier for him to take constructive criticism from someone else.

Short courses and they are affordable. I like that the courses are short enough to fit in with other school work. We did this course through the summer and that was very doable. We could have completed it more quickly, but we worked around summer vacation and a baseball camp. Totally worked for us.

Writing samples are available of how an essay is supposed to look both at proficient and mastery level.

Printable writing helps are available to add to a writing notebook for reference{added value!}

Improve Writing Skills

I was very impressed with how his final essay turned out. When he read it to his Dad, his Dad said “that’s the best thing you have ever written!”. I know Jacob felt good to hear that remark. I also know he gained confidence from this course. Confidence that he could get the job done without me hovering and confidence that he can indeed write an essay.

I know what he has learned from this course will carry over into other subjects. Perhaps he won’t be such a reluctant writer now that he has experienced some success. We will definitely sign up for other courses throughout Jacob’s 8th grade year and beyond.

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  1. Stacey says

    I have been debating on this writing curriculum and like that it is a class online and another teacher is reviewing my son’s work.

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