Foreign Language Learning for Your Homeschool

Foreign Language Learning for Your Homeschool

{I received access to Mango Languages for free and was compensated for my time. My thoughts and opinions are honest.}

Foreign Language should be a given in our multicultural homeschooling family, right? Six kids born in three different countries, you would think this would be a no-brainer. However, it hasn’t always been that easy.

Well, not until now!

When we had the opportunity to try Mango Languages, I didn’t hesitate.

A couple of the kids have been asking on and off to study their birth country language. It’s been on my “we will get to it at some point list”.  Which more technically means it’s not very likely to happen. We gave Latin a good run for quite a while but then that fell by the wayside and I haven’t been able to pick it back up.

Learn Another Language

When we moved to Florida last year, it suddenly became a bit more important and a bit more interesting to start studying Spanish. My husband and I have even had a good laugh over the fact that our Spanish teacher from high school would be appalled that we would actually be in charge of teaching our kids Spanish! Yes, we went to the same high school and had the same Spanish teacher many years ago – and I didn’t get the best grade in Spanish:)

Thankfully our kids have Mango Languages and don’t just have to rely on me.

Sarah, my 5th grader, was very eager to start learning a new language. She was born in South Korea so naturally she was interested in learning Korean. She knows a few words from TaeKwonDo but really wanted to learn more. She was also very interested in learning Spanish. With Mango Languages she can do both!

Mango Languages – It Works

I like being able to add some on-line learning to our schedule, it’s a bit of a break from workbooks and other traditional tasks. Plus, my kids enjoy being on the computer, it’s extra motivation for them.

Here is what we liked:

* Easy interface – no complicated program to learn. My 5th grader could jump right in and get started.

Foreign Language Learning for Your Homeschool

* Start right off with conversational and useful words

Foreign Language Learning for Your Homeschool

* Children (and adults!) won’t get bogged down by grammar rules

* Can be used independently – bonus for a busy homeschooling mom of a large family!

* Track the progress of your student

* Wide variety of languages to choose from

Foreign Language Learning for Your Homeschool

If you have been trying to figure out a way to add a foreign language to your schedule, Mango Languages might be just what you have been looking for.

You can sign up for a FREE trial at Mango Languages – click the orange button – you can’t lose, give it a try!

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  1. May says

    I wish Mango were available in the UK! I use Busuu which is good but Mango looks better.
    May recently posted…In September, Birmingham is where it’s at!My Profile

  2. Marianne N. says

    I have been looking at Mango Languages from a distance for some time. Some libraries offer it, however ours does not and so I was thinking of getting it. With four kids I thought it might be more manageable. I had signed up for the free trial and then lost track of it in the day to day of keeping up! Can each child have their own “progress” page or something along those lines that would keep it individual?

  3. Emily S. says

    Both of my 5th graders are learning Spanish right now, but it’s off and on. We don’t regularly stick to it, and they don’t seem too interested. I’m not sure what they would do with 60 options to choose from! It does look exciting, I think we will do the trial and see how it fits us.

  4. Patty says

    Sounds VERY interesting! I’ve tried Spanish With Grace, through Seton. But since it was required in the elem ages, I didn’t stick with it. The kids liked it a lot when they did work on it. The High School Seton program is obviously different than the Mango one.
    Patty recently posted…Our Special Asian FriendMy Profile

  5. Patty K says

    We just started using another program for school and not happy with it. Looking for something that sticks with my 5th grader.

  6. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim says

    We live in Southern California so Spanish would be a great fit for us.
    Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim recently posted…Family Fun Subscription Just $3.28 With Coupon CodeMy Profile

  7. Tori says

    We are currently studying Latin using Song School Latin 1 and enjoying it immensely. This seems like a great program too! We would love to try several of the languages, including Haitian Creole which would be a big help on our future mission trips to Haiti.

  8. Ashley says

    I have come across the kids who are willing to learn the Spanish and French as a foreign languages. In the foreign language subjects children choose french or Spanish and deliver amazing results in speaking and writing the languages. Thank you for sharing a great blog.

  9. Helen Wilson says

    The post is quite interesting .

    After reading this learning a foreign language also gives an opportunity for an individual to broaden his educational horizons.

    There are many educational opportunities abroad than we can explore. It would not only help us transcend cultural boundaries, but it will also help us understand subjects and concepts associated with the language.
    Keep doing good work..
    God bless u!!

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