Take a Tour of Your Library

Take a Tour of Your Library

One of the many fabulous aspects about being part of a homeschool group is that other homeschool moms think of activities to do that I wouldn’t think of doing. For instance, last week one homeschool mom arranged for our group to get a library tour.

We use the library on a regular basis that’s true. But usually it’s me looking up books on the computer and me going to retrieve them. Or the children know the particular area they like to choose books from like reptiles, horses, or sports and they continually go to the same area.

My older kids could definitely find a book, but ask them if they know about the Dewey Decimal System? Nope. I never even thought to talk about it!

The Librarian spent about an hour with our group. She started out by talking about the Dewey Decimal System. She then gave the kids a tour of the non-fiction area of the library, gave the children time to look for a book on the computer and then go find the book on the shelves.

She then spent time answering questions from both the kids and the parents about further resources in our area. Most Librarians are eager to share information about how to best utilize the library, all we have to do is ask! We picked a day after the traditionally schooled kids in the area were back in session so the library was a little less busy.

Tips Before Going on a Library Tour

1. Learn about the Dewey Decimal System and who was Melvil Dewey?

2. Talk about the “old time” card catalog system

3. Talk about how the information is now stored in computers and called an online catalog

Take a Tour of Your Local Library

Library Tour Resources

Library Skills Worksheets

Library Skills Lapbook

Manners in the Library

Manners with a Library Book – {if you’ve ever had to do the walk of shame with a ripped up library book!}

The Shelf Elf

Take a Tour of Your Local Library


I wish I would have thought to do many of these activities with my kids before we headed to the library tour and now you can!


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