My Favorite Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling a Large Family

Homeschooling a Large Family

I love using Pinterest to help keep all of my homeschooling ideas in one spot. I’m not so much interested in the crafty side of Pinterest, but I sure do like the homeschooling advice, recipes, and other life tips.

Homeschooling a large family requires a bit of organization, perseverance and some flexibility. Pinterest is where I coral all of the tips and tricks I run across on the internet.

I have pulled together some of my most often referred to boards. I know you will find them as useful as I do!

Homeschooling in a Large Family

This is my catch all for anything related to homeschooling a large family. I think I have every single blog post on Pinterest on the subject on this board! (Let me know if I’m missing something)

Large Family Homeschooling

Pinterest Homeschool Planning Boards

You can not homeschool a large family without some sort of plan. Unless you have a death wish or enjoy having your life taken over by the kids from Lord of the Flies. Well, that’s a little dramatic, but you catch my drift. A plan is good.

Pam @ Ed Snapshots has a fabulous board for all of your planning needs

Pinterest Homeschool Planning Board

Here is my collection of helpful planning posts

Planning Pinterest Board


Homeschool Learning Spaces

Plenty of good ideas for making learning spaces warm, comfortable and useful!

iHN Homeschool Spaces

Homeschooling Space

Learning Room Inspiration

Learning Room Inspiration

Homeschooling Organization Pinterest Boards

Many children usually means a lot of stuff! The question is how to contain the clutter and make good use of limited space? Lots of ideas.

Homeschool Organization

Homeschool Organization

Home Education – Organization

Homeschool Organization

Marriage Pinterest Boards

Homeschooling really isn’t just about school. Homeschooling is about a way of life for the family. Taking time to nurture your marriage, especially in a big family, is imperative!

The ladies at Educational Possible have a great board called Homeschooling and Marriage

Marriage and Homeschooling



Marriage in a Busy Family


What is your favorite Pinterest board?


Pintastic Boards on Pinterest

Pintastic 2015


  1. Amy says

    Do I have to pick just one? Lol! I love the Homeschooling Spaces Pinterest board. I find it so helpful to see how other homeschoolers use and organize their learning areas.

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