A Roundup of Lenten Resources

A Roundup of Lenten Resources

A Roundup of Lenten Resources


It’s right around the corner and I just can’t believe it.  Maybe it’s the fact that we live in a warm weather state now, but I feel like we skipped right over Lent and Easter is here.  The start of this season usually means we have to slog through at least 6-8 more weeks of  an already long winter.  Not this year! Well, not in Florida anyway.

Of course Lent doesn’t have anything at all to do with the weather.

As a family and personally we are still praying and talking about what we are going to give up or do.  Perhaps we are not the only ones still making Lenten preparations, so here is a roundup of some wonderful resources to help you and your family on your Lenten journey.

A couple of things I know we will be doing:

Holy Heroes – we will definitely be starting our day with these short videos. My kids really loved this during Advent this year.  I highly recommend it!

I know I will be reading Open Mind, Faithful Heart by Pope Francis.  While I was looking for the book on Amazon to link up, I found this – no Catholic home should be without one, right?!! :)

Also, I ordered the Stations of the Cross Posters and the Lenten Stained Glass Poster Cards from Seton.  Use the coupon code LENT2014 and get 20% off through March 10th.

As for the giving up/doing we haven’t figured that out yet. I do love as my children are getting older, the things they come up with are quite creative.  Plus, I also like it when they talk about what they might do, stop and say “wait, that would be really hard”.  Yep, it’s starting to sink in just a bit!

Lenten Meal Ideas – almost everything is meatless!

Good to Eat – Dinner

Good to Eat – Sides

Good to Eat – Salads

Good to Eat – Soup

More meatless meal ideas

Lent Resources

Make a Lenten Holy Hour

How to Start Praying the Liturgy of the Hours in Three Easy Steps

Patty @ Reason’s for Chocolate has a great selection of Children’s Book Ideas for Lent

Lenten Clutter – my take on 40 bags in 40 days

Lenten Resources – a roundup from 2012

Lenten Activities for Children

FREE Lenten/Easter Activity Pack

Lent Crafts and Activities

Think Lent is Just for Catholics?

Simple Lenten Cross Craft

Can Protestants Celebrate Lent? – Absolutely!

You’ve Got to Get Holey, to be Wholly Holy Understanding Lent

How do you observe Lent in your home?