Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Reading List

I plan on updating this throughout the year......

The Bible  (always reading)

1) The Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith

2) Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Sally Clarkson (should have waited for the updated version due out this summer!)

3) Homeschooling with a Meek & Quiet Spirit  by Teri Maxwell
~The main point of this book is that without a personal relationship with Jesus, it is impossible to have a meek and quiet spirit with which to teach and train our children.  Finding that quiet time for personal prayer is essential.  She gives tips on how to spend personal prayer time as well as tips on how to avoid meek and quiet spirit "robbers".  She also includes many stories from her own life as well as a few letters from readers of their discussion board.  A short book, that contains many good reminders for a more fruitful and peaceful homeschool day.

4) Write These Laws on Your Children by Robert Kunzman
~This book is written by a non-homeschooling parent.  He spends considerable time with several different families examining how they homeschool, what curriculum they use, and of course how they "socialize".  His main point of research though is how and if homeschooling is raising civic minded people.  Are homeschooled children given the opportunity to see another worldview, or are they stifled by their parents beliefs?  A fairly balanced and accurate portrayal of homeschool families, however I am glad I did not get it from the book store, but rather checked it out from the library.

 5) Sacred Parenting  by Gary Thomas
~I really enjoyed this book.  Not a parenting "how-to", but a book that talks about how God uses parenting and our children to shape and challenge us in our faith walk.  "Through sacred parenting we learn to act courageously, regardless of how afraid we may feel.  And when we step out in faith, we allow God to shape our souls in ways that will develop us far beyond the parenting part of our lives" (p.97)

 6) Dancing with My Father: How God Leads Us into a Life of Grace and Joy by Sally Clarkson
I hate to say it, but I didn't love this book.  I had very high expectations and they just didn't match up with the book.  I guess it was a bit redundant and it continued to say the same things over and over, just in a different way.  Basically have joy and be joyful regardless of the circumstances of our life.  We can find joy in any situation and God has certainly created us to delight in Him.  I did enjoy reading about the personal stories that were throughout the book.  I am still very much looking forward to reading The Mission of Motherhood, also by Sally Clarkson.

7) The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child's Heart for Eternity  This is a great book, it definitely exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend it.  One of my favorite quotes from the book "In addition, as mothers establish the work of the home with honor and dignity, our neighborhoods, towns, governments, and institutions will prosper by being filled with wholehearted, secure human beings who have been prepared to live for God's purposes."

8) Beloved  Loved this little book.  Lots of little gems to ponder.  Very easy to pick up and put down or read all in one sitting!

9) The Three R's  Just what I needed to read.  A must read for anyone home educating young (preschool-3rd grade) children.  I wish I would have read this at the beginning of our homeschooling journey.

10) Dr. Beechick's Homeschool Answer Book  more great wisdom from Dr Beechick in a very easy to read format.  Packed with good stuff!

11) One Blood  interesting discussion, from an evangelical perspective, on racism and darwinism.  How we are all one race from Adam & Eve

12) Simplicity Parenting  here is what I had to say about this great book!

13) Miserly Moms  lots of helpful tips

14) Healthy Meals for Less  so far the meals have been good

15) Helen Keller

16) Growing up Black in White  interesting look at transracial adoption from the adoptees perspective

17) The Language Wars classic Beechick, really helpful

18) Quirky Kids an interesting look a quirky kids.  I already knew we had one, but still interesting.  Good resources for further reading and investigation.  I most enjoyed the little stories from families interspersed throughout the book.

19) Anna Karenina  finally finished!  The beginning and the end were a bit longish for me, but the middle made it all worth it.  A captivating book and I am so glad I finally got around to reading it.

20) No Turning Back powerful conversion story, would be of particular interest to young men/men and moms of young men who have fallen away from their faith.

21) The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society  this was a good read and a nice follow up to Anna Karenina.  I thought the letters were a charming way to tell a story and has prompted some interest in the Guernsey Islands!

22) Simplify Your Life - ready my review here

23) Dressing with Dignity

24) Kimchi & Calamari  nice tween adoption story

25) You Can Teach Your Child Successfully  more classic Beechick, I love it!

26) Wild Fire  mystery involving the FBI, terrorism post 9/11

27) Sarah Palin

28) Geometry of Sisters

29) Home Schooling Children with Special Needs  great book that offers resources and many tips for homeschooling children with different needs.

30) Brothers and Sister in Adoption

31) Gifted and Graced

32) The Domestic Church: Room by Room

33) Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instruction for Homekeeping

34) Moving a Puddle  Essays by Sandra Dodd on Unschooling

35) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  interesting story set in an interesting location - Sweden!  Some rated "R" parts, but still an absorbing mystery.

36) Lazy B memoir of Sandra Day O'Connor and her family growing up in the Southwest.  Ranch life is not for the faint of heart!

37) Stories for the Homeschool Heart  this was as good as everyone has been saying

38) Freshwater Road a fictional peek into the civil rights movement in the south in the early 60's

39) Lucky Girl a very engaging memoir regarding adoption and reconnecting with birth family.  I really enjoyed the whole thing.

40) The Blessing

41) Rebuild my Church

42) Friday Night Knitting Club inspired me to pick up a scarf I had been working on!

43) Knit Two

44) Knit the Season

45) Free - Range Knitter


+JMJ+ said...

These books look great, Jen. Especially the last 3 you mention. Will you write reviews after your read them? I'd like to hear more.

I have read the Wholehearted Child one and found that to be a great resource!

Jen said...

Great suggestion! I think I can manage a short recap :) Stay tuned.

Gardenia said...

great list of books. I'm reading a few of those too. I always enjoy seeing what other like-minded moms are reading, so i can include them on my TBR list.

Lori said...

I love your list!! I just got a Kindle (yipee!) and am very excited to see what I can find to read on there.

I am interested to read what you think of Brideshead Revisited when you get to it. It really is one of my all time favorite reads. I did struggle through the first few chapters though.

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