Bird Unit Plans

To kick off our year with the big boys, Jacob (4th grade) and Jonah (2nd grade), we have planned a unit on birds.  This will be our first attempt at a unit study.  We chose this particular unit because birds have been a common family interest for the last couple of years.  Now we can study them in a more formal way.  I found the book Unit Studies Made Easy to be very helpful in getting started.  I also heard Valerie Bendt speak at the Home School Convention I attended in April.  I liked what she had to say about teaching multiple children, and simplifying the education process.

I am planning/expecting our bird unit to last about six weeks.  The following four weeks we will have a basic skills unit.  We will focus on IEW, map work, Rosetta Stone, vocabulary and anything else that I feel we need extra work on.  During those four weeks we will also head back to our beloved FIAR books.  Then we will take two weeks off to work on individual projects and prep for the next unit which will be four weeks of Advent/Christmas.  Hard to believe, but that will wrap up the first half of our year.

Here are the resources we will be using for our Bird Unit:

~Burgess Bird Book – we will read this book throughout the entire study
~That Resource Site – Burgess Bird Cards
~That Resource Site – Copywork
~North American Bird Notebooking pages
~The Handbook of Nature Study – tons of info and activities on birds

~Field Guides
~The Boy Who Drew Birds: The Story of James Audobon
~Max and Benedict: A Birds Eye View of the Pope’s Daily Life
~peanut butter on pine cones
~Birdseed Cookies
~Coloring Books plus various other “kid-pick” books from the library
   ~Audobon’s Birds of America
   ~Backyard Nature Coloring Book

~Field Trips
   ~local zoo aviary
   ~local state park
   ~bird feeders in the yard!

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