Workboxes ::: 2010

I am doing some tweaking this year of our workbox system.  I love the way workboxes lay out the day for me and for the kids.  The part I have always had trouble with is filling boxes for several children each evening.  I am hoping to streamline that process this year as well as encourage more personal responsibility particularly in my oldest.  
The first box holds all of his supplies.  His pencil case, with normal school stuff, markers as well as his mini-office for reference.
The second drawer contains his checklist for the week.  On Monday morning he will find a new checklist. along with appropriate assignment for each subject for each day.  This is the part that eliminates me filling each night and allows him more personal responsibility.  He can choose to work ahead in any or all subjects.  I will check off his work each Friday or before-hand.  The more he completes during the early part of the week, the more free time he will have on Friday.
The third drawer holds his math work.  He is my reluctant math student.  He is a very practical person and my goal for this year is to make math as “living” as possible.  He will work through Your Business Math this year along with some Math on the Level.  First we will brush up on some math ideas/facts using his math journal.
The first six weeks or so of lessons we will use The Burgess Bird Book for copywork.
Phonics next,
and finally the independent reading box.  Each day he needs to read something, either he picks or I will pick it for him – it’s his choice.  He will narrate what he has read to Dad at dinner (or me if Dad isn’t home).  This article is about a baseball rule.  I am pretty flexible about what he reads, (within reason of course) I just want him to be reading.
We have other things that we do throughout the day, but this will be his core.


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