Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fitness Gift Ideas

Have a fitness buff on your Christmas shopping list? Have a wanna be fitness buff on your list?  Here are 10 ideas to give the gift of fitness this Christmas and the whole year through.  

1.  Jump Rope - doesn't get any more basic or inexpensive than this!

2.  Thigh Toner Band - many easy exercises can be performed to tone the hamstrings, glutes, hips.  An good way to add exercise to firm those troublesome spots. 

3.  Yoga Mat -  A yoga mat can be useful for much more than just yoga.  It can be great for ab exercises and plank exercises.

4.  Heart Rate Monitor - never rely on the machine numbers again with a personal monitor.  Very helpful when counting calories.

5.  Medicine Ball - another versatile piece of equipment, if you need some ideas check out this blog post here {on my wish list!}

6.  Workout Clothes - old sweatpants and a t-shirt will always do the trick, but if you have a serious exerciser on your list you might want to investigate Lululemon for some seriously cute stuff.  Inexpensive workout clothes can also be purchased at places like Target and TJ Maxx too.

7.  Bosu Ball - a piece of equipment that can helps improve stability and core strength, the exercise options are pretty much limitless. {on my wish list!}

8.  Weights - everyone, young and old, male and female should be adding some weight training to their week.  This set is a great introduction and includes a handy stand.

9.  iTunes Gift Card - for a favorite fitness app or to add music to an exercise playlist - always a welcome gift.

10.  Workout DVD's - working out at home is a terrific alternative to joining a gym or taking exercise classes.  For me personally, working out at home has been the key for finally sticking with exercise.  There are tons of DVD's out there to choose from.  Of course Beachbody has a great selection!

These are a few of my favorite {fitness} things!  

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