Weekly Photo Collage :: April 19, 2013 – Veni, Vidi, Vici

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We had a good week of focusing on the basics.  The older three have been spending a good deal of time working on math, really cementing some concepts.

During my morning quiet time I came across a verse that was fitting for our week.  I thought it was appropriate for the older kids to spend some time memorizing and copying the verse.  They worked hard on their cursive writing and did a nice job.
We are continuing to enjoy Heritage History.  I wrote a review of Heritage History last week and they have a great offer until May 31, 2013.

Purchase at least $19.99 and receive the Early American Library CD for free, use code spring_2013 at checkout.
Heritage History homeschool curriculum  
We are reading Old World Heroes and one of the topics this week was Julius Caesar.  

We read a bit more about him and the kids did a notebooking page.  We also read “Julius Caesar” from Tales from Shakespeare.  Sarah took a Shakespeare class at co-op last fall and really took an interest in learning more.  Tales from Shakespeare was a gift for her birthday.
Around the House:

The weather is finally warming up a bit and in between rain and thunderstorms, we made it to the park on three different occasions.  It feels good to be outside.

We came, we saw, we conquered the park!
I was excited to see this bundle of e-books come up for this week.  In my quest to continue to de-clutter and take care of less stuff, I made the purchase right away.  5 e-books for $7.40 is a great price.
BundleoftheWeek.com, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Healthy Living:

Each morning I make a portion of Shakeology for each child. I joked this week on Instagram that it’s like a Shakeology restaurant!

Also, I replenished our supply of homemade deodorant.  A cheap and effective recipe!
Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks again to all those who participated in the survey from last week.  Your comments and your time mean a great deal.

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  1. Jessy Gaffen says

    What’s Shakeology? They look yummy! Sounds like a fun, productive week. We just went to the playground (to meet up with friends) the first time in since October last week. It WAS nice to finally get outside and not FREEZE. LOL I have the Young Reader’s Heritage History…and haven’t read it! But I am deciding on reading aloud Child’s History of the World or Heritage for the summer months.

  2. Melissa Newell says

    Morning friend! Good for you sticking with the Shakeology! Better servant than I 8( Enjoy the weekend! Peace!

  3. Jen4Ever4Always says

    Shakeology is delicious! It’s an all natural protein/meal replacement drink. We drink it everyday! Here’s my site http://www.myshakeology.com/fit4ever4always

  4. Judy Hoch says

    We love Heritage History, too! My 12yo son literally deleted apps off of his tablet so he could fit more Heritage History on there!
    I missed my Shakeology one day this week, and ended up feeling exhausted. Just a tale from the trenches. ;-)

  5. Tiffany Leijten says

    What a great verse you found, Jen! Love how you conquered the park…sometimes that’s the way I feel when we leave exhausted:) Have a blessed week ahead!

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