Tools to Enhance Homeschool Learning {Intro}

Tools to Enhance Homeschool Learning I Forever, For Always, No Matter What

As if we don’t have enough to do as wives, moms and homeschoolers, now we need to enhance our children’s learning?  You might read this title and think, “are you kidding me?  We just need to get math done this week, I can’t even think about any other “tools” to enhance anything!!”

I get that! Really.

The extras always seem like so much work!

Making the Homeschool Extras Work

The goal isn’t to cram as much as possible into a week or month or a homeschool career. Perhaps if we stop looking at them as just “extras” and looked at them as integral parts of our education, we can make room in the schedule. We can also, at times, let go of some of the more academic aspects of our learning and make room for less traditional learning. Often the best learning comes from unexpected places.

If you have read my blog for very long, you know I’m not very crafty. Admittedly, my kids are very craft deprived. I find it a challenge to deal with the clutter of a craft closet and it seems no matter how much is stuffed in the craft closet it’s never the right “stuff” for a project! Crafts are not the only way to add some kick to an area of study.

Also, another thing that bears repeating, take what you see on the internet with a grain of salt.

Many times what show up on a blog seems as if our days are always perfectly pleasant. Crafts are perfectly planned and implemented, books are read aloud for hours with children sweetly hanging on our every word, and big projects are completed along with a normal course work of math, reading, writing, religion, science and history. Perhaps some families are able to successfully complete all of the above. Let’s be real, most of us can not.

Most of what you see on a blog should be considered the ESPN highlight reel at the end of each sports day.  {Can you tell I have boys?}

Having a Plan Equals Flexibility

I like having a plan. I don’t often like to deviate from my plan {just ask my husband!}, but I also like to try and be flexible. This year I feel more convicted than ever to have a solid plan in place for our homeschool. However, it certainly doesn’t mean we will spend our days sitting at desks filling out workbooks. A plan gives us the flexibility to add interesting and creative tools to our learning arsenal.

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