The Biggest Secret About Homeschooling

The Biggest Secret about Homeschooling

The biggest homeschool secret?

It’s you!

Wife, Mom, Teacher, Mentor, Kid-Wrangler, Laundress, Chef, Chauffer.

Ugh. I know.

You were hoping to hear about the one math program that will solve all your homeschooling math woes. Or perhaps the most awesome homeschool planning system. Maybe the one sure way to get your child to brush his teeth each day with no prompting?

There is no magic, no secret formula, no perfect homeschool curriculum.

Homeschooling well takes diligence and perseverance. Getting up and getting it done more days than not.

It’s pulling out the books when you’d rather stay under the covers.

It’s serving up a smile with breakfast when you wish everyone would leave you alone for just one sip of coffee.

Homeschool Secret: Perseverance

Everyday shouldn’t be drudgery, but the truth is that some days will be less pleasant than others. It’s modeling diligence and fortitude – even through bad attitudes or non-favorite subjects. (Either yours or the kids!)

As my children are getting older, I can more appreciate the days when it feels like we get nothing accomplished or didn’t do anything meaningful. Everyday will not go as planned. There is beauty in the effort and the willingness on our part to get up and do the work.

The Biggest Secret About Homeschooling

I know the temptation to just check “one quick thing” on the internet. Or hours spent searching for the perfect curriculum, the perfect craft on Pinterest (that’s a vortex all on it’s own), or the perfect way to set up your day. Been there, done that.

You can have the perfect curriculum, the best book lists, a spectacular chore chart, but if you aren’t getting up and getting the ball rolling, chances are pretty good that your children aren’t grabbing the books off the shelves themselves.

Homeschooling Over the Long Haul

Homeschooling is not a sprint. Much like mothering, it can be a thankless job. When my oldest went to a brick and mortar school for the first time in 9th grade, he was very happy with his first term grades. His words to me were “Wow! I’m doing really well in school and you didn’t even teach me anything!” True story.

We aren’t homeschooling for the accolades of the world. It’s a good thing because we will never get them! We aren’t homeschooling for the accolades of our children, because any gratitude may be a long time coming. I don’t want my children looking back on our homeschooling years and think that I made such a “sacrifice” for them, I’d like them to look back on our years together and think we had mostly good moments and the not so good moments were short-lived.

Instead of thinking that your day has to be perfect to be effective, just keep going. Do the next thing.

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  1. Melissa says

    So well said! No magic bullet, no quick fixes, no perfect cirriculum to fix all the woes—you just reminded me that I need to stop burning up my time on the internet searching for these. Thank you

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