Pepsi-Cola and Fire Ants

Fire Ants

This week it’s a mixture of Quick Takes and Collages!


1. Fire Ants – Are you familiar with them? Not only does it sting when you get bit, but it’s quite common to have an allergic reaction to them as well.  Poor Leah got stung at Jacob’s baseball game on Saturday.  She cried, but then continued to rub her eyes.  Then I saw her scratch under her arm and knew something was not right.  Thankfully we live close to the baseball field so I ran her home to get some Benadryl.  On the way she kept asking “What’s happening to me?” Poor thing, it scared both of us.

Fire Ants

I sent Patty a text and she said “welcome to the South”. After about an hour Leah was MUCH improved.

2.  Pensacola – or Pepsi-Cola, whatever you want to call it.  Earlier in the week we followed along with Bob on a little business trip to Pensacola, FL.  We were looking at the map and Sarah said “Oh, I thought we were going to Pepsi-Cola!”.  Pensacola is about 6 hours northwest of  us, 7 hours if you don’t realize that part of the panhandle of FL is on a different time zone!

Pensacola Beach, FL

3.  Panama City –  We also spent a night in Panama City.  Beautiful, gorgeous beaches, but other than that we won’t go back.  Thankfully we were there before the Spring Break rush, but it’s not a particularly family friendly area.

Panama City Beach, FL

4. Trash Cans & Hair Dryers – why oh why are the trash cans in hotels so small?!! Even if we didn’t have a large family we would still fill then up within 10 seconds of being in the hotel. Also, why are the hair dryers so wimpy?

5. Homeschool Stuff – We did manage to get some math in on Thursday in the midst of the catching up on laundry, getting to the grocery store and looking at a house {we’re house hunting}.  Friday we will meet our homeschool friends for a morning at the park and Friday afternoon we start tennis lessons – all 8 of us! Should be a hoot.

6.  Lent – starts next week! Aside from a few preplanned expenditures, we will attempt a no spend Lent.  Here are some other Lenten resources.

7.  Small Changes Challenge for February – how did you do getting up 30 minutes earlier?

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