WUTW :: Animals & Tests ~ 6/24/2011


Books ‘n Such:  Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach Dead by Midnight Around the House:  We were a bit off schedule this week due to testing, see below.  The weather has been rainy, with more rain due today, hopefully we can tidy up the house and catch up on laundry before the weekend. Bob and […]

Gardens :: Salsa, Pizza, Square Foot


Planting the garden was a family affair this year.  Everyone wanted to help.  Everyone also wanted their own gardening space, but we didn’t have quite enough room for that in our urban homestead, so we had to compromise a bit. Jonah was eager to get catnip planted in his garden! Our Pizza Garden –  Tomatoes, […]

Something Real


It’s not very pretty, but it is very real.  Hopefully what is brewing away in here from all of our morning drinks,  will help beautify and fortify this area.  We are eagerly awaiting the warmer temps to start planting.  The older boys have asked for their own section of the garden and Bob has a […]

Sunday Stroll

Sunday it reached a balmy 40 degrees, which is the warmest it’s been for a while.  We decided to head out for a some much needed fresh air and exercise. Even the cat likes to tag along… A tree climber Finding the letter “y” in nature.

Coldest Days of January


Yesterday, January 31st,  we read Days of the Blackbird by Tomie dePaola.  According to the story the last three days of January are supposed to be the very coldest.  It certainly has been cold here, especially today!  The story goes that birds sit at the top of chimneys to keep warm during these most frigid […]

Wrapping up Vacation


Our vacation week was loads of fun with a wee bit of relaxation tossed in.  We planned to spend the entire week at home, but mid way through the week we decided to head north for a few days.  We did get a few things done before we left, like our passport project.  I also […]

Activities for Boys

Jonah is always asking to do a craft, but I never have any ready made craft things for him to do.  It’s always so frustrating to find a fun craft, but never have all the materials around.  The Sticky Mosiacs have been a great success, but I knew he would eventually like some other things […]