Wrapping Up the Week – 8/14

Summer Reading→ Continuing to read both Brothers and Sisters in Adoption and Home Schooling Children with Special Needs.  I need to get a fiction book going.   Summer Projects→ I finished organizing and prepping our learning room.  I wanted to participate in a school room blog hop and that was just the kick in the […]

Wrapping Up the Week – 8/7

Summer Reading→ This week I started and finished! reading Sarah Palin.  I only have one more book to read from my original summer reading list, Brothers and Sister in Adoption.  Making a list has made my summer time reading much more intentional, but still allowed me to add in some spur of the moment reads.  […]

Wrapping up the Week – 7/24

Bob and Jonah working on the Owl Pellet project again. Summer Reading→ Didn’t get to too much reading this week, I have been spending more time on the computer planning.  I did finish reading through You Can Successfully Teach Your Child.  Very helpful and informative. Summer Projects→ Today the weather forecast is much the same as […]

Wrapping up the Week-7/17

Summer Reading→ Bob is reading The Screwtape Letters, I am hoping to read it after he is done.  I can’t believe we haven’t read this before!  I am working on Wild Fire and You Can Successfully Teach Your Child.  Wild Fire was not on my original summer reading list, but after the Russian spy story broke, […]

Wrapping up the Week – 5/27/2010

FIAR ~ This week we have been enjoying Mrs. Rumphius  I am not sure who enjoys the FIAR books more, me or my kids.  Mrs. Rumphius enjoyed quite a nice life!  No meal to report on this week.  We were busy every night with baseball.  We actually the coconut dinner when we read another book, and […]

Wrapping up the Week – 5/21/2010

FIAR ~ This week we read Wee Gillis we had our FIAR meal on Wednesday.  I didn’t take any pictures because we had oatmeal and turkey sausage, a hearty scottish breakfast, for dinner and although it was good, oatmeal isn’t that exciting!  I used the grain recipe from Nourishing Traditions which the kids all love, we even […]